e.l.f. Bamboo Concealer Brush

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Today I have for you one more review about an e.l.f. brush, as you can say from the title. I received this brush with my order, when e.l.f. was giving as a gift a bamboo brush with every order over 12€. I mention this brush in my Mini Haul post. I was planning to write about it at some point, but I decided to do it earlier as Gemma Meredith said that she would like a review on it. So here it goes...

What I think about this brush ?

 I LOVE it!

I tried it with cream concealer and also I used it to blend in a liquid one. It worked great with both.

Now let me tell you at what I use it more often: to apply eyeshadow on my eyelids. I like how this brush blends in concealer, but I can do that with my fingers also and because I am not so satisfied with e.l.f. professional eyeshadow brush(it sheds; see my review here) I managed to make this brush work for eyeshadow. I know that is a little big for applying eyeshadow, but for me works well :)

It didn't loose any hair since I received it and also I didn't notice any shedding while washing.

I would totally recommend this brush!

Did you try this brush/ e.l.f. Bamboo Brushes? What is your opinion ?


  1. looks a lot bigger than the studio concealer brush!:)

  2. I don't have the studio one so I can't compare, but I don't think I would like a smaller brush for concealer.

  3. i think over the 3 lines the size changes:P the essentials one looks tiny on pictures, the studio is quite small and not like the style of the way the bristles move on the stippling brush:)

    I've mentioned your blog in my recent post:)


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