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In the last couple of days I tried to make some picture of some eyeshadow quads/palettes and swatches, but Finnish weather wasn't on my side and didn't have good light. So, after I missed so much from here, I am coming back with a post about e.l.f. eye brushes. The brushes that I will be talking about are all from their essential line and they are : Professional Blending Eye Brush, Professional Brow Comb & Brush, Professional Eyeshadow Brush and Professional Eye Crease Brush.
From left to right: Professional Eyeshadow Brush, Professional Blending Eye Brush, Professional Eye Crease Brush; Down: Professional Brow Comb&Brush.

Professional Eye Shadow Brush: It is good for applying eyeshadow on eyelid, but it is just an eyeshadow brush, nothing special. Oh, or maybe there is something special: it sheds like crazy. It started to loose hair from the first use and it is not stopping...
Professional Blending Eye Brush: For me, it is the perfect brush for blending eyeshadow. I don't know how I lived without this brush before. Unlike the Eyeshadow Brush, this one didn't loose not even one hair. I am very HAPPY with it .
Professional Eye Crease Brush: I like it, it gets the eyeshadow into the crease and I also use it for the inner corner of my eye. It is a good brush and it didn't loose so much hair, after the first 2 washes it didn't shed at all.
Professional Brow Comb&Brush: About this one I can't really say anything special, it is just a regular comb/ brush for brows.

This brushes can be found on e.l.f. website and they cost 1,50£/1,70€/1$.

All in one, I am satisfied with this brushes. I would recommend all, except the eyeshadow brush.

What do you think about e.l.f. brushes ? How they are working for you ?

*Few days ago, "Wishlist" page appear on my blog. If you have time, check it out :)


  1. how are the texture of these brushes ? are they scratchy at all ?

  2. they are not scratchy but now, after a while, all of them are shedding :(


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