Haul (essence)

Hello ladies!

Essence products were on my wishlist forever and for months I was searching a way to get them as I couldn't find them in Finland and in Romania are available just in few locations (and as far as i knew my home town wasn't the case). As you all know, now I am in Romania, visiting my parents and 2 days ago I was around a shopping center with a friend and there I saw them: essence products!! I was so happy but I decided to go there alone later and have time to look and choose. After going there alone, here is what i bought:

  • 3 brushes: gel eyeliner brush, smokey eyes brush and eyeshadow brush;
  • maximum definition volume mascara;
  • forget it! 3 in 1 concealer;
  • quattro eyeshadow in 05 to die for;
  • gel eyeliner in 01 midnight in Paris;
  • nail color 3 in 01 midnight date;
  • color and go nail polish in 86 a lovely secret.

This is what I bought now, but I have a feeling that I will go back for more :)

Did you try essence products? How easy can you find them where you live?




  1. I've never heard of essence before. The three in one concealer looks really good though. Love that you had to go there alone to look around haha.

    Daisie x

  2. I bought the concealer because I heard good things about it :) I will see how it is and make a review after a while :)

  3. Really want essence and catrice cosmetics but theyre not here in england:( might be taking a day trip to Ireland in the summer with my and a friend to buy some haha:)

  4. I found essence ....Now catrice is left haha:)

  5. haha:) I still need to find both:P

  6. I loooove Essence!! The gel eyeliner and the nail polish duo are amazing! ;) I want to try the mascara at some point! x

  7. Is essence easier to find in Greece? :) x

  8. I've never been able to find these in England :( Heard such good things about their shadows! I'm a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop xxx


  9. Most of the year I am in Finland and there was impossible for me to find them, but now I am visiting my parents in Romania and recently, it started to be very easy to find Essence :) Lets hope they will be in England soon also xxx

  10. Hi! I'm following you from the Friday Blog Hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back!
    Have a great weekend! -Kat


  11. Never tried anything except the gel liner and I think that works pretty well for the price.

  12. lovely

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  13. @Cristina yep, it's easy to find Essence in Greece, especially in Athens :)

  14. no problem hun! yes we are now connected! i'm following you too


  15. I tried essence about a year and a half ago and haven't been able to find it since! I had bought a nail polish, which I loved, and thought was cute in its packaging and now i cant find them.

    thanks for stopping by my blog

  16. I really like essence nail polishes :D It is a shame you can't get them anymore :(


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