Short absence

Hello ladies !

Today I just want to say that I will be absent till middle of June. I am going on a short holiday and I won't be able to write anything, but I promise that when I will be back I will have a lot of reviews coming and a lot more :) Mostly the rest of the summer will be dedicated to this blog :)

Till next time, see you soon




  1. have a good holiday!:) when are you back?:)x

  2. well now I am kind of back :) now I am in airport in Prague on my way to Romania to visit my parents :) x

  3. hope you have a good time:) how did you make your blog so popular? i can't get many pageviews:( tips please!:)

    also, please look at my most recent post and comment your questions:)

  4. First of all, thank you for considering my blog popular :) for me, yours is much popular than mine, if you consider the page views.

    The only think that I am doing is posting on Facebook and twitting about my new posts.

  5. Welcome back! Enjoy your time away. :)

  6. Thanks Cristina:) I've recently stopped posting the link on fb as often but noone new will follow:(


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