GLISS KUR repair and volume shampoo

Hello lovelies :)

Today's topic is hair! As you already guessed from the title, today's review will be about GLISS KUR repair and volume shampoo.

I bought this shampoo for the first time back in June and since then it has a special place in my hair routine. I felt instant attraction to it when I saw that it doesn't have silicons in it, but it has liquid keratin. 

This line from Gliss Kur is promising voluminous  hair while repairing it. I don't know about you, but most of the hair repairing products that I tried made my hair flat, while this one actually gives a little volume. I can't say it is a miracle product and I can't say that alone does everything what is promising, but along with the other products I use brought my hair back to life :) 

What I like the most about it ? 
If leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean! I don't use hairspray or any styling  products on daily bases, but when my hair gets oily, it is REALLY oily and this shampoo does and awesome job at cleaning it!
As I said before, I can't say if this shampoo does everything what is promising, but the fact that is helping with the oiliness of my hair, makes me repurchase it (I am already at my third bottle).  

Do I recommend it ?
Definitely! Especially if your hair tends to get oily fast and you want some extra volume! My hair feel softer since I started using this shampoo, but I can't give all merits to it since I use a whole bunch of other products specially designed for this.

Did you try any Gliss Kur shampoos/conditioners/masks ? What is your favorite ?

Till next time, see you soon!


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  1. You're right Cristina! This is a very good shampoo for me too, I have greasy/thin hair and I'm surprised by the brightness and smoothness of my hair after washing it with Repair and Volume. Plus, a little volume is added (I have very long, straight hair so I can't expect to become a lioness) and it tends to grease one day after than usual with this product.
    This one is a keeper.


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