H&M Makeup Sponge {Beauty Blender dupe?}

Good evening ladies!

I bet everyone knows about Beauty Blender, right ? Well... I do also and first time when I heard about it, I didn't hear the price as well. After hearing so many positive reviews I decided that I NEED it so  I searched it in online shops and when I saw the price I was like "OMG 15€ for a sponge?!Really??" I said that there is no way to spend so much on a sponge, unless I receive it as a gift. Months passed and I forgot about it, but recently, I was in an H&M store and I see in their makeup section one pink little thing... Can it be a Beauty Blender dupe for only 3€?

If you want to know more...

When you first look at this sponge you notice the difference of shape between it and the original Beauty Blender. The H&M Makeup Sponge looks more like Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge.  And then you notice the price difference ...
I didn't know what to expect from it, but anyway I bought it to try it out. I can't compare it with Beauty Blender (other than shape, which is obvious that is different) but I can tell you how this sponge works for me.

The using method is the same with this kind of sponges: you use it damp (when damp, it's becoming bigger as well). Oh wait, there are 2 little surprises with this sponge after you keep it under running water: IT CHANGES COLOR (and not in a good way) and it gains a nasty smell (this is easily fixed by washing it with some baby shampoo).

As you can see, our little sponge has a totally different color and it is slightly bigger.

What kind of coverage you can get using this sponge ?
It is a very dense sponge so you would say that it would help you to achieve full coverage, but actually it depends on your foundation.

  • If the foundation you are using has a runny/watery texture it will get almost all soaked in and you will achieve a sheer coverage. When I used this sponge to apply my Garnier BB Cream oil free version, I found out that the medium/full coverage that I was using with (from using Garnier BB Cream with a stippling brush), it was no longer there. 
  • If your foundation doesn't have a runny/watery texture than this sponge will actually help you achieve a better coverage that you would achieve with a foundation brush/ using your fingers. I used this sponge to apply Bourjois Healthy Mix and I was really satisfied with the results. 
So I like it with some products , I don't like it with others. BUT there is a really nasty thing that really disturbs me: when you wash it after using, the color of the foundation still stays in it. Trust me, I washed it 5 times with baby shampoo after the first use and I still couldn't get the color off .

As you can see, the texture of it changed also after using and washing, which makes me even more disappointed.

  • the coverage you achieve depends on the texture of the foundation you use;
  • bleeds color; 
  • it changes texture after washing/using;
  •  impossible to clean totally. 
Do I like it ? Would I recommend it ?
  • NO and NO! I think there are better "dupes" out there that don't cause so many complications. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this review :)


P.S. I never thought I can write so much about a sponge xD


  1. I didn't like this either! I found your blog trough the bloghop and I just subscribed! xx

    1. Thank you for following :) You have a lovely blog :)

  2. I bought the cosmopolitan version of the beauty blender from Tesco for £7 and really liked it, and I can assure you it doesn't smell funny or change shape or colour after washing x

    Stories of an English Rose

    1. I know. I have it also and I love it :) It was actually featured in my September favorites x

  3. new follower!

  4. I have the same sponge and so far I'm happy with it, I use it for my everyday go to look. I also recommend to use olive oil when washing it. The oil helps the sponge to be spotless!

  5. I wish I read this before I bought it. Great review.

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