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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good evening lovelies :)

How are you all doing ? The last 3 days were a little bit crazy: being sick, school work, etc. Anyway, today I am asking for your help. I want new brushes, I desperately want, but I don't know what to choose.

OPTION 1:Buying Real Techniques Brushes. I was thinking about buying the Core Collection, the Eye Set, the Travel Essentials, the stippling brush, the powder brush, the expert face brush, the shading brush.

OPTION 2: Buying Bdellium Tools 10 Piece Mineral Brush set.

OPTION 3: Sigma Mrs. Bunny kit. I want this for so much time!! The only problem with this is that I still need to gather some money before I can afford it, plus I need an European Sigma stockist to have it back in stock.

So this are my options(the first 2 I could afford to buy them now, but for Sigma ones I still need some money). If I could afford, I would buy them all at once, but unfortunately I have to choose.I can't decide by my own so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  leave a comment and say which you would recommend :)


P.S. I am thinking at changing my hair color, which is weird. The Beauty Blogger Tag made me think at this. Anyway, Do you think I should go lighter or darker? Any opinions ?


  1. I'm sorry, but I can't help you find the answer, since I'm searching for new brushes too! I'm eyeing the Zoeva brushes. I'll keep an eye on this post, in case anyone replies with a good answer!

    Thank you so much for following me! I'm following you too :)

    In honor of reaching 200 followers there's a giveaway on my blog. I'd love to see you enter too!
    You can check my giveaway here!

    Have an amazing week!


    1. You just remembered me about Zoeva hahaha . Giving my more options... I will check out your giveavay xx

    2. Thanks for checking my giveaway! I want to order the zoeva brushes this week, if i don't find any other options worth trying :) I've been eyeing them for months now! Time to take the step haha :)


  2. I would wait and get Sigma, they are a great investment and amazing brushes.

    New follower
    Janelle from

    1. Thank you for following and for trying to help :) Followed back xoxx

  3. Hey :) I recently bought the Real Techniques core collection and Powder brush and I think they're brilliant :) That's what I would recommend, but that's just me!

    Christina x

    1. I actually just bough a bunch of real techniques and sigma brushes :D a haul post will be up later today :D

    2. Nice! Will look forward to reading it :) x


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