How to fix a broken nail

Good evening my beautiful ladies :)

Few days ago, something happen to me: one of my nails cracked so bad that cutting it wasn't even an option....

*sorry for the "creepy" skin around my nail but I covered it in a plaster till I found a solution
Do you want to know how I managed to fix it ?

Well, first of all I searched on Google solutions and I came across this very useful video. Keep in mind that this is not my idea, but it works so well that I wanted to share it with you.

What you will need?

  • a tea bag;
  • glue for fake nails (I didn't find to buy just the glue, so I bought a cheap fake nail set);
  • a nail file and a buffer;
  • a plastic bag ;
  • scissors(I forgot to include them in the picture).

Empty the tea bag and cut a piece as wide and at least as long as your nail.

Spread glue on all your nail surface, being careful not to apply on your cuticles also.
Right after you applied the glue, place the piece of tea bag that you cut at STEP 1 on your nail and using your plastic bag, press it gently on you nail making sure there is no air between it and you nail.
Once you are done with this step, your nail should look like this :


Cut the excess paper but be careful not to cut your nail also. As you can see in the picture above, my piece of paper was little wider than my nail so I needed to have a hard time cutting the excess paper on the sides also.

Place again glue all over your nail and let it dry completely.

File your nail and buff the surface of it to make it as smooth as possible. Be careful not to buff too much!

*my glue was pretty rubbish so the nail doesn't look so good, but after buffing it was smooth enough

Apply a base coat and if you have one which is ridge filler is even better.


Paint your nails as usual.
  • DON'T press too hard on your nail or you can break it;
  • MAKE SURE the piece of paper you cut is exactly as wide as your nail and is covering the place where your nail is craked;
  • MAKE SURE that there is enough glue over your crack.
That's all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and you found it useful :) Let me know what you think about this method/post in the comments section.



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