What I've been doing in the last week....

Hello ladies :)

I know I was kind of gone this week, but I needed to adapt to a major change: the new blogger interface. I just hate it! I liked the old interface way better. There is only one thing that I like more at the new interface: the text editor. Other than that it just makes things for difficult: I find it harder to go through my reading list, the comments section is annoying and I did find some difficulties when I wanted to make a change to the layout of my blog. Right now, I don't like it. I didn't like the Time Line on Facebook at the beginning also, but I got used with it. Probably I will get used with this change as well, but till then, please bare with me.
You can imagine, that I did more that "adapting"... Actually my schedule was a little bit busy also with university and my personal life...but now it is getting back to normal.
In the end, I want to ask you to check out this post and please help me as I am kind of undecided buy my self :)

This is all for now :)



  1. Hiya I'm new to your blog but already love what I've read :)

    please come visit me at my blog and follow back? I'm new and would appreciate any support!



  2. i always read blogs through google reader. i think it's a lot better than the blogger interface! new follower from the blog hop, can't wait to check out your posts :)

    1. I will try Google Reader. Thank for the tip :D Can you give me the link for your blog? I would love to have a look. Btw, thank you for stopping by xo

  3. Hi Cristina! You're doing great. I love the header and the background image. Take it easy. University is never easy but then that's your future. That is priority. With the new blogger interface, I guess it does require some getting used to. I sent you a message. I hope you received it. Keep in touch! xoxo

  4. Hello sis, Im back I will be having a giveaway soon check out my blog


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