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Good evening my lovely readers :)

Not so long time ago I was asking for your advice on what brushes to buy (see the post here). I was debating whether to buy  Sigma brushes, Real Techniques or Bdellium brushes. In this post I will show you what I chose....

On my post I was saying that I can't afford to buy Sigma Brushes at that morning, but with the help of my boyfriend I could afford ....both Sigma and Real Techniques brushes.

I was had an eye on Sigma brushes for loooong time (actually on Make Me Crazy Kit, and then on Mrs Bunny Kit) and ended buying the Mrs Bunny Travel Kit. I chose to buy the travel kit so I can afford buying some Real Techniques brushes also as they are one of my recent crushes. :)

I ordered the Sigma kit not from Sigma website, but from an European retailer. The kit was 57,40€ without delivery.  I also received a travel size Sigma E25 brush as a gift. I really enjoyed shopping at the online shop and I will definitely go back as their prices are really good for Europe!!

Now for Real Techniques brushes: I chose to order them from as they were less expensive than in Europe and the shipping cost are more than affordable. I paid for any of the sets 17,99$ and the individual brushes varied between 5,99$ and 9.99$. Plus that on internet you can find coupons for your first order for 5$ off when you order under 40$ and 10$ off when you order more than 40. After finalizing I got also a code (JQP390) that I can share with you so you can get discount on your first order on iHerb. I do think I will get some commission out of this but I am not positively sure. Anyway you can just search on Google "iherb coupons"and a lot of results will appear so you don't have to use my code if you don't want to! Anyway, back to brushes..I purchased Real Techniques Core Collection, Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter set, Travel Essentials kit, Expert face Brush , Stippling brush and Shading brush.

Now I will let enjoy some pictures with my new brushes ( I am so excited about them!!!) and till next time I will see you soon.


P.S. What brush looks the most tempting for you ? :D

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Sigma, but this brush set was purchased with my own money and all opinions are purely my own!


  1. would love to try some real techniques brushes! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  2. what was in that our gift to you? That got me curious. Btw, I really like that baby blue holder:)

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    1. In that was a travel size of sigma e25 brush :D It appears on the next picture :D

  3. I love the real techniques brushes :) i also use crown i got them for college last years and i love them. i might consider buying more of the real technique ones and maybe sigma too :)

    1. They are great brushes. I didn't try any Crown Brushes yet, but maybe one day... :D


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