Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles Review

Good evening ladies :)

As you could guess from the title, today I'm gonna tell you my opinions about a concealer: Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles. I used this for around 3 months and if you want to find out what I like about it and what I don't keep reading...

What I like? 

+light texture and feeling;
+highlights very well the area where is applied;
+medium coverage;

What I don't like? 

-tends to settle into fine lines if it is not blended well/applied too much/not set with powder;
-fades quite fast- 3-4 hours after applying I can start to notice by dark circles again. 
Here is a swatch :

And here are some pictures, to see how well it covers my dark circles. Usually I use it over my foundation, so I did when I took the pictures

*my dark circles in all their glory
*under eye are covered with a layer of Garnier BB Cream
*Garnier BB Cream + Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles
On pictures above, I applied the concealer on my skin and than pat it with a wet sponge (Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge- review here).

Did you try Garnier Roll On Anti-Dark Circles? What was your experience with it? What do you use for covering your dark cicles?



  1. A piece of advice: please change your blog theme, because all I can see on your photos are small colored hearts. The swatches are barely visible.
    On topic: I have this product too and I can't say that it's great as a concelear, I prefer to use it as a highlighter.

    1. Multumesc pentru sfat :) M-am gandit ca inimioarele pot deranja pe cei care nu dau click pe poze dar nimeni nu s-a plans inca. Voi creste opacitatea incat inimioarele nu vor mai aparea :D

  2. i like it more for removing the bags, but not really the circles

  3. Great blog.
    Found you on blog hop
    Do you want to do a follow for a follow?

    If you do please let me know :)

    Thanks jane


  4. Love your blog!! Thanks for the follow. Following you back now via GFC. :) :) And thanks for entering into my giveaway as well! <3

    I haven't tried this Garnier Anti-Dark roll-on yet but I've tried their other one that's in the green packaging and I felt like it helped a slight bit. I think I need to try this one out to compare. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. I tried the green one also, but I wasn't so impressed . Thank you for following back xoxo

  5. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 Kill City Jeans giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  6. I'm buying this next time I'm at the drugstore! :) Found you through the BlogLove Therapy Blog Hop! Now following! xx

  7. This sounds like a really good product!


  8. I haven't tried it but it sounds really nice :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

    1. It is :) Maybe it doesn't deserve HG status, but it is a good product.

      Thank you for stopping by xo

  9. I hate my dark circles. Great post!

  10. Great Review. Dark circles and dry skin are really my only 2 real issues so Im a sucker for any product that claims to help. May need to give this a go:)

    Sara xx Found you blog hoppin and now happily following

  11. i saw this advertised today! So thanks for the review!! It looks pretty good!!

    ps... following you now!! xx


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