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Good afternoon ladies :)

I hope you are having a better day than I have and your day is more sunny than mine. Right now, in Finland is very cold and I have a feeling that winter is not too far :(  Anyway, back to the post....Recently I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award (again, and this is faltering) and, as I already did this kind of post before, I will just answer to the questions that the lovely ladies who nominated me asked. (Check out my other post here)

First I've been nominated by Pink Mommy. Below are her questions together with my answers.

1. Do you wear makeup everyday?
No, just around 4-5 days  a week. 

2. Most favorite makeup product (only 1)
Foundation... I am still far from perfect skin and foundation boosts a little my confidence. 
3. iphone or BB(blackberry)?
I don't either of them, but I wouldn't choose any of them. I would go with Samsung.
4. Favorite body products?
I am not so big on body products, but I love Garnier Body Repair during the cold Finnish winter. 
5. Favorite perfume/cologne?
Davidoff Cool Water- I am obsessed!
6. Where do you usually hangout?
Usually in some pub ? I don't know....
7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Bestfriends?
Both! I do consider than once you are in a relationship you need to divide  your time between friends and boyfriend till the point where you can bring them together. I couldn't choose...
8. What/Who are you for the next 5 years?
Oh this is a though one: in 2014 I will finish uni and I will be an Automation Engineer. Till then I am a student. I also hope I will become a successful blogger and I will manage to take some makeup artist classes. SO, hopefully, in 5 years I will be and engineer, makeup artist and successful beauty blogger :D 
9. MAC or Nars?
Didn't try any of the, my budget doesn't allow it yet :(
10. Moisturizer or toner?
Hmm I think both. I clean my face, than toning and after that moisturizing. 
11. eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara! Most of the mornings I can't even bother with eyeliner. 
Next I've been nominated by Chloe
1. What do you love most about the summer..?
I love that summer clothes don't weight too much and don't take too much in my luggage when traveling. 

2. What's your favourite t.v show/movie..?
Now I am watching How I Met Your Mother and Private Practice.

3. Who's your favourite you tube guru/ blogger and why..?
I watch a lot of Youtube gurus but I don't have an ultimate favorite. As for blogs, I enjoy reading a lot of them, and if it would be to make a list, this will become a really long post. 

4. Who is your Celebrity crush..?
I don't have one :| 

5. What is you favourite meal..?
Ceaser's salad. 

6. What do you do to stay fit and healthy..?
Nothing?! And this is something that I want to change. The only thing that I actually do sometimes is taking long walks, but with with weather changing this became so seldom.

7. Whats your favourite item of clothing..?
Jeans. I think they are so versatile. 

8. What's your favourite perfume..?
Davidoff Cool Water.

9. What's your favourite makeup brand and why..?
In a tag post not so long time ago, I said that I like Bourjois, now this changed a little. I love theBalm! And on the second place would be Bourjois. 

10. What's your go to makeup look, if your in a hurry and cant be bothered..?
Foundation, poweder and some mascara. If I have 30 seconds more I would probably apply a lid color or fill in my eyebrows. 

11.And last but not least: have you any regrets since starting your blog..?
No I don't. 
This was all for this post, once again thanks to the beautiful ladies who nominated me and see you soon xoxox

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