Miss Ramble #1

Hello beautiful ladies :)

*New series on my blog :) Mostly in this kind of posts you will be reading rambles, rambles and again rambles. *

In the last month or so the feed for my blog wasn't working, I realized that like 2 weeks ago but I was a little bit lazy to fix it. Today I put my laziness away and I logged into the feed burner to see how I can fix it and surprise: I have 130 followers through my feed. My heart is still beating  so fast...I don't know why, but is really exciting to me. I want to thank all my followers(GFC, Twitter, Feed, Facebook, etc) because I feel really appreciated...someone is reading my blog and this is making me feel so good!!!

After the thank you part, now let me tell you something more sad. I realized that in September I spent so much on makeup. I was shocked when I was going through all the bills from the packages that I received in September....the total is about 200€!!! OMG !! This is a lot for someone who doesn't have a job...so please help me!! Do you know any method to cure OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE SHOPPING? I really need to stop with this....when I receive a package filled with makeup I feel so good,  but when I think how much I spent I feel so ....bad (!?). I don't know if bad is the right word, but certainly is not a good feeling.

Next Saturday I will be leaving to Estonia with my boyfriend, but I will prepare some post for you for that week(I hope I will have time). He will get a knee surgery and I don't know why but I am scared for him...is a simple procedure but I don't know...I hope and I know that everything will be fine but for some reason I can't make this feeling go away.

In a post some time ago, I was telling you that I have anemia and I was taking iron to fix it. Well, I almost finished my iron treatment (and I am SO HAPPY) and my hemoglobin is on normal values so YAY for me. Anyway I need to check after one month to make sure it wasn't just a false growth and everything is still fine.

This isn't exactly the kind of post I was planning for today (I had planned a review), but I wanted to be a little more personal and I hope you enjoyed it :)

This is it for this post and as you can see paragraphs are not really connected to each other but I hope you enjoy it anyway. (Btw, do I use too much "anyway" ?!)


P.S. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about this kind of post and if you would like to see more of this.Also, if you have an answer to my question ( Do you know any method to cure OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE SHOPPING?) , please leave it in a comment or contact me however you want :D


  1. ehehehe I love shopping:D and I don't know any cure:D
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. Hey Cristina, iv nominated you for a Liebster Award :)


    1. Thank you :) I have one more Liebster Award pending :) I will do the post soon xx

  3. I overshop way to much! MAC is killing my wallet with their collections... Sigh. I love these post, they are so much fun to read!


    1. My boyfriend says something like "money come, money go" but with my "ability" of shopping I thing money more go then come haha



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