Miss Ramble #2

Hello lovely readers!

Today I am rambling scheduled! When you will read this, I will probably be in Estonia, starting be more scared about my boyfriend's surgery which is coming soon. Anyway, in my last post I was saying that I had a bad surprise on Friday, when I saw that some people stopped following my blog. I am still quite down because of that. I do try my best when I am writing my post and I feel like I somehow failed....

Also on Friday I had a good surprise, I found theBalm Balm Jovi palette on an European retailer. Now I really feel like I must have it!!! I saw it when I was actually having serious thoughts to go on a spending bad, but now that is canceled:D 

Oh and let me complain again about weather: I didn't see sunshine in a really long time!!!! The weather here is really putting me down from doing anything :(

This was my short ramble. Please let me know in the comments what can I do to improve my blog and how you generally feel about it :)


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