Monthly Favorites: September!

Hello hello :)

Thinking what new posts I can bring on my blog, I realized that I don't do monthly favorites and because my blog will be 6 months old in few days I thought that it is a perfect time to start. Soooooo here it comes today my first monthly favorites :D

This months I have favorites in 2 categories: make up and random. Lets start with .... make up :)

Because I wanted to be organized and to show you the products better, I have 2 categories here also: eyes and face. 

Starting with eyes...

  • Maybelline One by One Mascara: I started using it this month and I totally love it:) I gives my lashes volume and definition. Thanks to Molly from The Make-up Counter for recommending it :)
  • The NUDE' tude palette from theBalm: I wanted this palette so much so I grabbed it when had their summer sale (I believe this was the name ?!). I received it somewhere close to the middle of the month and I used it ever since! I am in love!!
  • e.l.f. eyeshadow brush: this month I loved this brush. If you red my e.l.f. eye brushes review you will know that I wasn't so happy with this brush- it was shedding; but since then a lot changed. This month I used everyday and I didn't have any problems with shedding, plus that it picked the shadow nicely. 
  • Catrice eyebrow set: not too much to say about this- just a good eyebrow set, good pigmentation and the colors are perfect for my eyebrows (Now I regret that I didn't take a picture with it open :( )
Continuing with face...

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (read my full review): I am in love with this foundation- nice feeling on skin, nice finish...I just love it. It doesn't give to much coverage, but it doesn't claim do to so. Now it is almost finishing and I am looking for a new foundation (any suggestions????) with a little better coverage as my skin got worse, but I will still repurchase this for my good skin days :)
  • Sleek Contour Kit in Light:I bought it this summer but for some reason I didn't use it. When school started I put it on my makeup table (for some reason I can't call it vanity)  and used it everyday since. The bronzer in the kit is perfect for my skin color and the highlighter just gives a nice glow. 
  • Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On (I wonder if I should have include it in the eye category?): it helps covering the dark circles and brightening the eye area. I didn't see any improvement in my dark circles, but I didn't buy it for that purpose. For me it is enough that it helps hiding some of my nights full of insomnia. I have a review coming on this very soon :)
  • Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Blend Perfection Sponge (Long name for a sponge, huh?): I love love love this sponge. After I was disappointed with the H&M Makeup Sponge finding this little gem was perfect. I use it for foundation, concealer and even for e.l.f. mineral booster. It gives a very natural finish.Full review coming soon :)
  • e.l.f. Mineral Booster: it has HG status. I use it everyday to set my makeup and it does a very good job! Plus, being a mineral product is doesn't break me out, which is always a plus as most of the powders tend to break me out. Full review coming soon also :) 
  • e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush: I use this for applying my brush everyday and sometimes even for contouring. This brush is super soft and picks the product nicely. 
An now for the random category .....

A perfume: Davidoff  Cool Water- I don't like to wear sweet smelling perfumes and this little guy is everything but not sweet. I am obsessed with it from middle of August and I use it everyday!!

This was it for my September Favorites. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what your September favorites were.


P.S. I realized something writing this post: I have a lot of reviews I want to write :D I better start to work on them :D


  1. I have heard so many good things about the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation but it just didnt work with my skin type. It became really flakey and didnt last.
    Nice blog, im your newest follower. :)

    Lorna xxx

    1. too bad it didn't work for you :( I actually have Bourjois Healthy mix serum . Now I realized I forgot to write "serum" in my post hahaa :)

      Just followed your blog also :)

  2. I love the Sleek Contour Kit too. I was the same I hardly used it when I got it but now I use it constantly xx

  3. You're welcome for the recommendation!:) glad you like the mascara:) and you should try the healthy mix foundation that isn't the serum version:) xx

    1. I was thinking to try the healthy mix foundation next, but read some reviews of people breaking out from that one and I really don't need any more pimples right now. Anyway, I can't know till I don't try it. xx

  4. Cool Water is one of my favs. I'm running low on mine; it's time to order more

    1. It is great! I am still obsessed with it :D


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