Essence Eyeshadow Brush Review

Good afternoon ladies :)

Today I want to tell some things about a brush that I have from July. As you could guess from the title is the eyeshadow brush from Essence :)

I will keep this post short and I will tell you which are the pluses and minuses of this brush in my opinion.

+synthetic bristles (cruelty free) - it can be used with cream products as well;
+cheap- if I remember well, it costs around 1,20€;
+small enough to apply color in the crease (if you wish/you don't have a crease brush);
+ the bristles are purple (lol this is just a personal preference);
+it didn't loose more than 3 bristles since I own it;

 -seems to work extremely well with Essence and Catrice eyeshadows, but not excellent with other brands.

Overall: 8/10

It is a good brush, I would recommend it especially if you own some Essence or Catrice eyeshadows. 

What Is your experience with this brush? Did you try any brushes from Essence?


P.S. In the next days I will review the other 2 eye brushes from Essence that I own.


  1. I use Body shop's brushes because they are cheap ish, and are cruelty free. I will have a go with this brush and see how it goes



    1. I never tried brushes from The Body Shop but maybe I will pick up one or two(just to try them out ) .


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