Miss Ramble #3

Hello lovely people :)

It is not me to post 2 times in a day, but I feel that I need to share with someone (except my boyfriend) this. For about a week I have a problem: I got color matched in a shop and believing the sales assistant I ended up the wrong foundation color. How many times did that happen to you ?

 I wouldn't be so upset if I didn't love this foundation: I love the coverage, I love lightweight feeling on my skin, I love everything ....except that is one shade darker... I hate that now I have to spend again a fair amount of money to buy a shade lighter as I can't exchange this one.

I found a way to make it work till I get my right shade but still.... It is second time when I am listening to a sales assistant and I get the wrong color. For sure, this was the last time also...

On the good side, the shade that I have now would be a perfect match for my skin in summer and early autumn.

What was up with you these days ?


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