Tag: Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Hello ladies :)

I feel like I didn't do a tag in ages and you know that I love tags :) So here it comes....the "Why do you wear makeup?" tag.

1) When did you begin loving make up?

I think I started to love makeup in first year at uni. That was in 2010. Before I was wearing makeup but I was buying only what I needed. Anyway, I got even more into makeup at the beginning of this year when I discovered the beauty community on YouTube and the beauty blogs.

2) How do you feel without make up?

I said several times that at least 3 days per week I am not wearing makeup, so I feel OK without makeup. I am not totally satisfied with my skin, but I learnt to accept it.

3) What do you like about make up?

One of my favorite things about makeup must be how it can boost you confidence and transform you. Using it you can accentuate your naturally beautiful features. I think my favorite parts are when I put on foundation (it just feels good to see how your blemishes are “disappearing” ) and eye shadow (eye shadow just makes my eyes pop and I feel how my face has more dimension – I don’t think this is the right word, but I can’t think at another)

4) What are your three holy grail make up items?

e.l.f. mineral booster – I just love this! It sets my foundation beautifully and doesn’t leave a powdery finish. Maybe in summer is not as great for my skin type as it doesn’t really have oil control properties, but for the colder seasons it is great. I have a review on this here.

Sleek Contour Kit in Light – Before I discovered this I wasn’t so big on contouring because every bronzer I was trying it was to orange/too dark…But the bronzer in this is just perfect for my skin tone, and it is buildable as I was able to use it even in summer when I was having a little bit of a tan.

theBalm Nude’tude palette – I am so happy this is not limited edition as I will definitely see myself buying this again when I will finish 2 or more shades in it. I do find myself reaching for it very often, though I am trying not to do so because I want to use my other palettes also. This palette has everything for a day eye look or a night one. I will have a review coming on my blog soon :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and....a question for you: Why do you wear makeup ?


P.S. Is it weird that I have a palette as HG? Let me know...


  1. I might steal this tag for my blog if thats alright! Love your blog! xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Of course it is alright :) When you do it, leave me a link xoxo

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  3. You have very healthy attitude towards make-up, I respect you for that :)

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