The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

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Usually I love The Body Shop and when I am around a Body Shop my boyfriend needs to hold me tight so I won't run in to buy something unnecessary like I usually do. I can say that the smell of those shops makes me wanna go in always. This time, he didn't hold me and big mistake, I ended up buying something that managed to make my skin even worse than it was: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion.

My history with this lotion: I needed a day moisturizer and I decided to try one with tea tree. Knowing that The Body Shop has one and because we were around one of the shops "by mistake" I decided to buy it. I used it from middle of August till beginning of October.

What this product claims?
"A light, non-oily moisturising lotion for blemished skin. For use after your Tea Tree cleansing regime.
  • Provides lightweight hydration
  • Easily absorbed
  • With shine control for a matte finish
  • Antibacterial action
  • Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin" (taken from
 What do I think?

+provides lightweight hydration, suitable for combination/oily skin;

--it broke me out like no other - for almost two month while using this I constantly changed other products in my makeup routine blaming them for the blemishes which were appearing everyday. Oh how wrong I was...
--a weird tingling feeling was appearing every time after  applying this;
--the number of my blackheads increased.

When I first realized that this lotion was breaking me out I thought that the tea tree oil was the reason, but then I remembered that last summer I used tea tree oil as a spot treatment and there was no problem. That being said, I searched on Google if others had the same troubles with this lotion, and it appears I am not the only one. I still didn't find the "wrong" ingredient, but if you know something about this please let me know. Needles to say, this is a product that I won't repurchase.

What was your experience with The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion?



  1. Hi Cristina! I found you through the Beauty Blogger Bunch. I love how versatile your blog is!!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award =)

    1. Thank you :) I will try to do the post as soon as possible :)

  2. Hi Cristina, Audrey here again. I haven't tried that lotion from Body Shop's Tea Tree product line. I do have the facial foam/wash and the toner. It worked fine for me. It really is like that. Products don't work all the same for everybody. My older sister was vacationing here in the Phils and when she got back to the States, her breakouts started. We're not sure if it's the weather change or something hormonal. But I wished she tried the Body Shops's Tea Tree line so I'll know if it worked for her, too. It's good that you found what's causing your breakout. Just change it up and I hope the breakouts are now over.

    All the best.

    1. Well, they are not completely over, my skin is still recovering, but hopefully soon they will be history. If everything will work for everyone, life would be so easy lol

      Lovely hearing again from you!

  3. hey Cristina

    i was going to try this out but after reading your review I now know the answer:)

    thanks for following, im following you too


    1. Thank you :) Since I gave up on this I actually discovered a good light moisturizer for combination/oily acne prone skin. I will write a review on it soon!

  4. I often see this product, I'm glad you made a review for this. :)

    Jamie Kate


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