Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend #1 : from Sigma Beauty

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I was telling you in my last ramble post that I was thinking to start a series called "Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend". I decided to do a couple on posts based on brands and a couple based on budget. Today it is time for the first brand: Sigma Beauty. I love my two sets of Sigma brushes and there are still some products that I want to try out from them and I think a lot of beautyaholics would like to have the. Here are the gift ideas for today: 

1.Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit (65$) - This kit has all brushes needed for daily makeup application and because of the cup holders is handy for travel. I traveled with my kit 3 times till now and my brushes were really protected by the cup holder.

2.Sigma Defining Eyes Palette by TiffanyD (55$) - This had everything for o complete eye look. The shadows allow you to create day looks, but you can also darken up for night. 

3.Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool (43$) - Who doesn't like clean skin? I want this for my self, but I don't know if Santa hears me...

4.Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit (69$) - It is said that eyebrows frame the face so what is better than a complete kit to make your eyebrows look great? 

This is it for my Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend from Sigma Beauty :) What would you buy as gifts from Sigma?


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