Guest Post- How to: Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

Good morning ladies :)

It's Monday and a new weak starts. Today I have another guest post done by the beautiful Aneta from Secrets of Wonderland . If you don't know her blog you should definitely go and have a look! Here it goes her post:

"Hi ladies, my name is Aneta and I am beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger (I just love so many things that I have to write about them - and books and movies are another passion of mine). I am honored to write this guest post for Cristina :)

I think it´s safe to say that winter season has already started. The question is - is our skin prepared to it? I know that you probably don´t have the same skin type as me (I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have my skin type! And that´s saying a lot :D) but there are few beauty rules and tips that could apply to everyone. I have acne prone skin that is extremely oily, with visible pores - but the more temperature drops, the crazier is my skin! In addition to the problems I mentioned before I get really dry patches on my face, especially nose and cheeks. If this article is useful at least for some of you, I am more than glad.
I will just say one word - hydration. Nothing is more important for your skin this time of year and believe me, even oily skin needs it.

Let´ s start with the face. In order to have soft skin you should use a peeling. It´s great way to get rid of dead cells, it helps to unclog your pores and from my experience it´s the beast weapon for dry patches. I know that companies say you should use it twice a week - I don´t agree. During winter our skin is very vulnerable and we shouldn't irritate it too much. It´s very individual - I would recommend using peeling twice a month or once a week if you need to. Lately I started to prefer bio cosmetics - that´s why I purchased this Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub with vitamin E by Himalaya Herbals.

If your skin is irritated and red from the cold wind, pure organic rose water will help you. Spray it all over your face and you will see - it really eases the tension of the skin and reduces redness.

Twice a day after I wash my face I use this Ryor cream with panthenol. Thanks to it gel consistency it soaks quickly into the skin - and that´s always a good thing when you don´t have enough time on your hands. Panthenol succeeds in soothing your skin like nothing else.

I was so happy when I tracked down this Hydrating Face Mask with minerals - again from Ryor (natural cosmetics is simply the best!). Don´t get confused, it´s actually for normal and combination skin and I know a lot of oily-skinned people who also like this product, so it´s all about trying. The consistency is something between cream and gel and it leaves your skin super soft.

Now let´s move on body care, I will make is shorter, promise :)

I would never believe this, but a month ago I tried Deeply Nourishing Shower Gel by Dove and was surprised how well it worked. It really kept its promises - it´s super creamy, the smell is likeable, not too strong and I could see a difference on my skin after just one use - I didn't even have to use body lotion! Amazing. But if you do want to the something extra for yourself, I suggest trying this Intensive 7 Days Garnier body lotion - it´s not too heavy on the skin, soaks quickly, hydrates well and smells good.

See this cream (Garnier Repairing care) ? It´s so good that I have to have my name written on it - every woman in my family uses it! This packaging is perfect when you want to have some cream in your purse :)

I think that every woman uses hand cream - I prefer the green Garnier one in the mornings because it´s lighter then the red one - which is perfect for nights. Use a generous amount, put on some gloves and your hands will be like new after you wake up :)

One last small tip - Vaseline can be also very handful during winter - for lips and extra dry places like elbows.

If you enjoyed this post, I would be very glad if you checked my blog and joined the giveaway :) Have a nice day!"

 I personally enjoyed this post very much as I have the same type of skin as her. If you enjoyed Aneta's post don't forget to go and have a look at her blog, I think you will love it:)


P.S. Still looking for guest bloggers! Do you want to be my next week guest blogger? Just contact me!


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