Late Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend: #2 from theBalm

Hello lovelies::)

Two weeks ago I could bet that I bought all my Christmas present but now I realized that I forgot one and this made me think that I might not be the only one that needs late Christmas gift ideas so ....because I failed doing "Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend" series, I will transform it in "Late Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend" and post today and tomorrow ideas for the late ones. Today's post will be also a brand centered one and I supposed you guessed from the title that today's brand is theBalm. I only have to palettes from theBalm, but because of the Balm Jovi palette (review soon) I could test more than just their eyeshadows and I am totally in love. Here are my suggestions from this brand:

1.Balm Jovi Face Palette- this was love at first sight:) I love everything in this palette and I think any beautyaholic will enjoy it. 
2.Nude'tude palette- this little palette actually gives you a lot of choices for day and night looks. This was my first theBalm item and I absolutely love it!
3.Mary Lou-Manizer- this highlighter is also in the Balm Jovi palette and OMG, I think I am in love:) After trying it I understand all the rave about it!

This are today's gift ideas:) What would you like to receive for Christmas? 


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  1. I'm in love with everything from The Balm. Awesome ideas <3

    <3, Mel

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