Miss Ramble #8

Good evening ladies :)

Here is a post explaining where have I been... Like I mentioned few times already, I am visiting my family for holidays and I'll be in Romania till 10th of January. Last week I couldn't wait to get here and I was making plans how much I will blog in this time, but guess what that didn't happen. I think you can understand that seeing my family after few months was a little more overwhelming than I was expecting and the plans that I made didn't match. Anyway, I am planning to post 2 NOTD in the upcoming days and maybe a FOTD...I'll see how things are going. I don't want to promise anything because in 2 days it's Christmas and it gets quite busy around here. Also, I will receive for Christmas a smartphone and this means that soon I'll be on Instagram :)

Oh and I just remembered that I wanted to make a series "Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beautyaholic Girlfriend" but I managed to write only 1 post. Maybe I will manage to give some late ideas, which means that maybe I will post 2 times per day till Christmas...hmm lets see if that works...

This is pretty much what was going on with me and I can't wait Christmas :) What are your Christmas plans? Did you buy all your presents?


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