Monthly Favorites: November

Hello ladies:)

I know, I know is almost middle of December and I haven't post my November favorites yet :( But I am ready to fix this and show you my November favorites. This month I don't have a random favorite because....I don't know why, I just don't have. Also, I want to let you know that I won't do a "In my makeup box: November" post, because things didn't really changed from October (I've been lazy, I admit), but I would totally do one for December and also a "What is in my travel makeup bag" because next weekend I'll be traveling to Romania (I don't know why I write this in every post but I am really excited to go to see my family and friends). Back to the they are:

  • theBalm Balm Jovi palette: I wanted this palette so much and I got it as soon as it appeared in stock at I think they were having some discount going on so I paid for it around 35€. I used it everyday in November and I love the variety of shades. it is also handy for traveling because it had also a blush, highlighter and 2 lip and cheek stains. I will have a review coming soon. If you want it, hurry up, it is holiday limited edition.
  • Catrice gel eyeliner - I have this in shade It's Mambo Nr. 2 which a dark brown or taupe (I am not so good as describing colors as I already told you several times). I love that it lasted from morning till whenever I would go out from school. Also the shade is pretty also, it is not as harsh as a black eyeliner would be.
  • Dior Forever Flawless Foundation:I have this in 020. I love how makes my skin look and how it feel. Unfortunately I don't have the right shade for me and I really needed to work with it so it will look normal on me. I still love it, and when I get some money I plan on buying the right shade. By the way, I have wring shade because the MUA from the Dior Counter from where I bought it convinced me that 010 would be too light for me.
  • Sleek Contour Kit in Light: This is not for the first time in a monthly favorites post so you can imagine how much I like it! This month I mostly used the bronzer from here and the highlighter from theBalm palette.
  • Sigma Large Powder Brush F30: This brush came with my Make Me Classy Travel Kit. I love it because I can use it for applying my powder, than my bronzer and finally my blush.
  • Sigma Foundation Brush F60: This brush came in my Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit. Usually I don't like paddle foundation brushes buy I enjoy this one. To make the Dior Foundation work for me I needed to apply it very sheer and this was great for that. 
  • Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush: This came in my Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit (I think this is how it's called). I was reading a lot of reviews that this brush it is not so great for crease but it is a great concealer brush and I refused to use it for concealer till one day when I realized that I have enough blending brushes  so I should give this a try for concealer. OMG I love it! It blends concealer under my eyes flawlessly and I use it also to stipple concealer on blemishes. I do like it for blending or applying eyeshadow into the crease, but I have enough brushes for that and I don't have another concealer brush as great as this one. 
  • Catrice eyeliner brush: I was saying in a post that I prefer the angles eyeliner brushes because they give me more precision and bla bla, but I changed my mind with this brush! Now I use only the liner part (I don't know how to call it, but it is the left side in the picture) for my eyeliner!
This are all my November favorites :) I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know which were your favorites in November:) 


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  1. Ooh I included the Sleek Contour Kit in my November favourites too. It's seriously great I love it xx

  2. I love the rem color from the balm jovi set! It's so pretty!!

  3. The Sigma Mrs. Bunny Blue foundation is one of my favorite too! I always wanted to try the Sleek Contour Kit, but I have yet to try my theBalm's Balm Jovi since I got it recently :)


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