NOTD Red&Gold

Good morning ladies :)

Like I said in my ramble post I have 2 NOTD to show you and here it goes first one. On the time when I did this, I was experimenting with one DIY gel nails kit and my nails may look a little weird. This is a very simple design but I actually quite enjoyed it while it was :) I used to Flormar nail polishes. Again, I don't know if you have Flormar where you live, but lately I really enjoy their nail polishes.

Before I actually show you the result, I want to tell you again not to expect too much because it is a really easy design, but it help to hide a little bit the imperfections of the fake nails (I mean the bump where the tip meets my natural nail).

What do you think? It looks pretty easy, no? What Christmas inspired nail art did you do lately?



  1. It's lovely. I am trying green with golden this year.

    Aree With Umbrella
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  2. Hi I got your link from the #bbloggers twitter chat :)
    I love these colours they are very pretty

  3. Hey, Am really lucky to find your blog. Love gel nail polish so much :)
    gel nail polish


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