Sigma E25 Blending Brush review

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I hope your week went well :) If you don't know, now probably I am on my way to Romania, probably in a plane from Munchen to Bucharest, really excited to go home:) Anyways, back to the subject...Today I want to tell you my opinion about Sigma Blending Brush E25.

I got the travel size of this brush when I ordered my Sigma Mrs. Bunny travel kit from an European retailer. Should I start by saying that this is my favorite blending brush? Oh well, it is :) I use it almost everyday and I love it. I desperately want the full sized one...OK, make 2 of those...

I read on different blogs that this a dupe for MAC217 but with the money that you pay for that, you can buy two of this. I don't have the MAC217 but I really like this one, so I will stick with Sigma for a while.

This brush cleans and dries fast. It also didn't loose any bristles since I got it and I have it for around 2 month (this means around 12 washes and everyday spot cleaning). I would say that it holds pretty well, the only bad thing I can say about it is that after washing you need to shape it a little bit otherwise it dries in a weird shape.

Over all: 10/10. I love this brush and I would totally recommend it :)

Did you try any Sigma Brushes? Which is your favorite?


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