Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit review

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Sorry for the absence but the “crazy days” are here. I bought this kit in October (see my haul post here) but I wanted to use it for a proper amount of time so I can see also how it survives washing. I wanted share with you my two cents about Sigma Mrs. Bunny travel kit before Christmas because this would be a very nice gift for a beautyaholic.  

I wanted the Mrs. Bunny Kit (not travel edition) for long time and I was decided to get it, but when I finally had enough money I was obsessed also with Real Techniques Brushes. I decided then to buy the Mrs. Bunny Travel Kit so I can get some Real Techniques brushes as well.
Sigma Mrs.Bunny Travel Kit comes with 7 brushes: 3 for face (Large Powder Brush F30, Large Angled Contour Brush F40 and Foundation Brush F60) and 4 brushes for eyes (Tapered Blending Brush E40, Eye Shading Brush E55, Pencil Brush E30, Small Angle brush E65). Also a cup holder is included. Next I will show you pictures of each brush and tell you my opinion about them.

Large Powder Brush F30

To be honest this brush doesn’t get so much use from me, but not because it is a bad brush. I prefer Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply my powder (e.l.f. mineral booster). Lately I started to use it for blush or contouring when I don’t have any other clean brushes for these jobs and it works pretty well. It didn’t lose any bristles during washing and it didn’t get stained yet.

Large Angled Contour F40

I use this brush for contouring and I like it very much! I would also use this (when it is clean) to blend my contouring and blush. Also it didn’t lose any bristles and didn’t get stained. 

Foundation Brush F60

I usually hate paddle foundation brushes, but I realized that not all of them are so bad! Unfortunately this brush is very hard to clean and it got stained.

Tapered Blending Brush E40

 I love this brush! I use it for applying color into the crease and blending it. Also, it cleans so easy!

Eye shading brush E55

I love this for packing color on eyelid. I didn’t have any problem cleaning it and I used is also for cream eye shadows. 

Pencil Brush E30

This brush is great for smudging out the eyeliner on the lower lash line and also for details in the crease/ outer V. 
Small Angle Brush E65

 I use this sometimes to fill in my eyebrows or to line the upper lash line with an eyeshadow.

General pros and cons:
+all brushes you need for daily makeup application;
+they didn’t lose any single bristle;
+they work well with powders but also with creams;
+the majority of them are really easy to clean;
-the foundation brush is quite hard to clean and it got stained.

Overall: 9.8/10 - I love this brushes and I totally recommend them! You can purchase them from Sigma Beauty website.

This was all for today, but I would like to know if you tried Sigma Brushes and what is your opinion about them. If not, would you like to try them? 


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    xoxo Keke (Pakize)

  2. I don't have any experience with those brushes. I want to buy my sister a Sigma brush set though, but which one?

    1. I totally recommend this set, but if you have more money available I would recommend Mrs. Bunny Essentials Kit. Sorry for late answer x

  3. do you know if the brushes in the travel kit are the same size as those in the essential kit? thanks!

    1. the bristles have the same size, but the handles are shorter in the travel kit :)

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