2012 Favorites!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good evening ladies :)

Yes, I am back with a post :) Lets hope the miracle will last! Anyways, I am late with this post but I gave an explanation earlier today. Before sharing my 2012 favorites, I want to explain you what I mean with this: 2012 favorites are the products that, looking back in 2012 they never disappointed, BUT this doesn't mean that they are HG or that I am sticking with them forever and ever. That being said, lets get to the show:

Miss Ramble #10 I'M ALIVE!

Hello lovelies :)

Or should I say Happy New Year? As you could noticed I disappeared since 31st of December, which, oh  well...it was last year...Long story short...on 1st of January I got sick, than I traveled from Romania to Finland and I got sick again. Guess what?! Having two colds in a raw can ruin your mood ! That's what I learned lately.... Anyway, I hope now I am healthy and no cold is coming back and I will be able to blog. By the way, did I tell that now I am on INSTAGRAM? My name on Instagram is cbeautybox :) I didn't upload too much yet, but if you like cats, there are some cute cat pictures :)

This is all for this post, but I am coming back later or tomorrow with 2012 Favorites or with what was in my makeup bag while I was away :)