Dior Diorskin Forever Flawless Foundation Review

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You probably saw this foundation mentioned in some Monthly Favorites, but today I am ready to share with you my full opinion about it. As you have guessed already, I am talking about the Dior Dior Skin Forever Flawless foundation (this has a more long name but I don't think anyone is using it).

Let me start bu saying that I have the wrong shade, because the "nice" Dior Make up Artist from the shop I bought it tried to convince me for almost half an hour that this is the right shade for me, so I ended up believing her. Big mistake!

Here is a short description of the foundation and what it's promising:

As you could notice, the foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle, which is not exactly convenient for traveling as it's quite heavy (BUT it looks classy!). Also there is a pump which is always a good thing and it's also easy to control to get the desired amount.

The texture is not runny, but it spreads easily, so 1 pump is quite enough to cover my face. I would say that with 1 layer you get light coverage and it blends beautifully(though I have a shade darker than I need). Because of the shade problem, I couldn't go out from the house with 2 layers of this foundation because the difference would become obvious. Anyways, I tried to apply two layers on a day I knew I would be home and I got almost medium coverage, without looking caked. This foundation lasted all day on my skin, and if blended well, you couldn't even say I wear make up! I loved this and I was ready to buy a shade lighter, but I never got into it and that's a good think....

WHY? Because this foundation gave me the work breakouts ever, from which I am still recovering. It wasn't until recently that I connected events and realized that this foundation was the cause of my skin problems. How do I know this? When I went to Romania, I left my mom some foundation in a sample container so she can try and see if she likes it. She didn't try it until recently, but when she did, she started to get blemishes in the same spots where my problems started. Thanks God that she used it only 2-3 times and not more than 1 month like me! Her skin is OK now, but mine....is still recovering. Anyways, I researched the ingredient list I discovered an ingredient that wasn't present in anything that I put on my face before: Algin. This is basically fragrance, but with a high comedogenic level = can clog pores easily. There are some irritants  also, but my skin never reacted with those.

Conclusions: I love the texture and the feeling of Dior Diorskin Flawless Foundation on my skin, but I hate what it did to my skin. I have acne prone skin (and so is my mom) and if you have also, I would recommend this foundation for you. If you still want to get it, I would recommend to get a sample first and use for at least few days before buying - maybe you are more lucky :) Below, there are swatches of the Dior Diorskin Flawless Foundation in shade 020 which is second lightest shade with neutral undertones. (Sorry that I didn't show how it looks on my skin, but I don't want to put this anywhere close to my face anymore.)

In the end: I don't want to say that this is an awful foundation, because I know people who don't have acne prone skin and like it, but it just doesn't work for me (and my mom) and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with acne prone skin.

This is all from me for today :)

What is your experience with Dior Diorskin Flawless ... Foundation ? Any foundation recommendations for fair/very fair combination acne prone skin which currently has active acne?


P.S. I stopped using this foundation a while ago (somewhere in the beginning/middle of December ) because I wasn't satisfied anymore with the color match. To see my foundation routine now, click here.


  1. I've also tried this foundation and wasn't really impressed - I also felt pushed into buying it and whenever that happens I always regret it. Same thing happened at a mac counter where I ended up spending a fair amount on an awful yellowy foundation! X

    1. Yeah...I understand that people need to sell...but at least sell the right thing! xo

  2. That sucks that it broke you out! That's why I will never but a high-end foundation, it's just not worth the money to me. Thanks for your review!
    Visiting from the #bbloggers blog hop xoxo

    1. Now I am also afraid to buy a high end foundations. I recently needed a new foundation and I really wanted to get a Lancome one, but I got scarred (that it can happen like with this one) and opted out for a Bourjois one :)


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