How I Wash My Make up Brushes

Hello lovelies :)

The day before I left to Estonia I was washing some of my make up brushes, because I was planning to take them with me and then suddenly it hit me: I need to write a post about this! I straightly asked my boyfriend if he can pick up the camera and come to help me to take the pictures and he nicely said yes. It is not a much different technique than what you probably saw already, but I though it was nice to share it with you.

The quality of the pictures is not the best because my boyfriend is not exactly the best photographer in the world. Anyways, first step:make the bristles wet. I am careful not to pass the limit of the ferule! I am always holding the brush on the point where the ferule ends - this  way I know that I should be careful to let water to go from that point up.

Step 2: I slide with the brush over soap, making sure the bristles take some of it on them. Till this December I was using baby shampoo, but when I was in Romania I asked my mom if she can buy me some baby shampoo when she comes from work, and she came home with baby soap so I gave it a try. I was so happy of my mom's mistake. This works so much better for me!

Step 3: I move the brush across your palm/fingers to produce the foam and clean the brush. If the brush is very dense, I run your fingers inside the bristles so they will clean everywhere.

Step 4: Rinse out. Again, I am careful where the water goes and I am careful to remove all soap from the bristles.

Step 5: Squeeze the excess water.

Step 6: Lay flat on a paper towel till I finish the rest of my brushes.

Step 7: When I am done with all my brushes, I take them and lay them on the edge of a table, creating a slightly tilt position using a towel. I also make sure the bristles are not touching the table so they can reshape nicely.

I deep clean my brushes like this once in a week, but I spot clean after every use. I prefer to use a clean brush for my foundation, so most of the times I am spot cleaning my foundation brushes just for the sake of doing it, because anyway I won't be using it again till it get deep cleaned.

So, this is how I deep clean my brushes :) How do you do it?



  1. I don't clean my brushes, I know, I'm naughty! But I really need to get back into doing it. This is a really simple and easy way for me, it save me having to get an actual official brush cleaning liquid


    1. You should start washing them! It is god for your brushes and for your skin :)

  2. Following from the aloha blog hop. Love your blog, great tip. I can't count the number of new make-up brushes I have bought for me two girls. They will be reading this post.


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