Lets Talk: Asian BB Creams

Yesterday evening I decided to "clean up" my makeup drawer and take out the products that I am not using because of different reasons...During my small cleaning session I came across 2 Asian BB Creams: one from Skin79 and one from Missha and I decided to share my 2 cents today.

Why I am not using this anymore?

So I ordered this two somewhere in October from eBay. They arrived in approximately one week and I remember I was super excited to try them out. I started with the Missha BB Cream and ....what a huge disappointment! Right after application my skin was looking great, you couldn't even see I was having something on my face, though it gave medium coverage. After 2 hours, when I checked out how it looks, I was in shock: my face was all caked up and the BB Creams set into the fine lines on my face and into my pores...it was a "pretty" mess. Anyway, I gave it another shot next day with different application technique hoping it will change something....Nothing changed! Actually It did : I started to develop cystic breakouts! In that moment I said enough is enough and went to next one!

Skin79 Pink Label BB Cream (or Super Blebesh Balm however you want to call it) was a little bit of a different story. I started to use this one after I managed to bring my skin back on normal after the Missha disaster. When first applied, this looked to pink for me, but once set, it was fine. It didn't cover much - it just evened out my skin tone. I just added some concealer where need and went to uni. After 2 hours i checked back and I almost started to cry: my face became red and somehow sore like I was having an allergic reaction. I immediately went home and cleansed my face. Then I was constantly spraying thermal water to my skin, trying to make it feel better.

You would think that I got fake BB Creams, but no! I searched on Google how to spot the difference between authentic and fake and mine seem to be 100%authentic.

I know a lot of people like Asian BB Creams and didn't have any troubles with the, but for me they are a big NO! I am not putting one on my face again, not even for the whole money in the world. I don't know what ingredient caused my reactions, but as far as I could see on ingredient lists, they are not exactly packed with "healthy ingredients".

I made some swatches because, they didn't work for me, but they might work for you.

*left: Skin 79; right: Missha*
*left: Skin 79; right: Missha*
What is your experience with BB Creams? Which do you prefer?



  1. Oh dear, sounds like some Korean make up is as bad as some from China! I have never tried any Korean make up but i keep hearing it is the next big thing in make up.
    Would you like to swap follows? I will follow you now on GFC, and hope you can check out my blog and follow back if you like it
    Angela x


  2. I'm using Garnier BB Cream, and I really like it, it gives a good and even coverage, but the colours are a bit darker than they say. It's a shame you don't like the BB Cream from Assian


  3. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/
    :) Take care!

  4. Aww sorry to hear about your bad experiences!
    I personally love asian bb creams. My fave one currently is The Face Shop oil-free BB cream.

    I've heard such good things about the Missha perfect cover bb cream too :O

  5. Oh no! I've been told so many good things about skin79 but now I am sceptical!


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