Make up Storage Idea {How I Store My Make up}

Hello lovelies:)

Do you remember my last giveaway? One of the "rules" to entry my giveaway was to leave a comment and say what is your favorite post of mine and what you would like to see more. One of the suggestions was to write a post with make up storage ideas. Unfortunately, I don't have more than one idea: the one that I am using. This is not a make up collection post, as I am not going in depth, as it is meant to show only the way I am storing my collection. Enough is an overview of my set up.

I live with my boyfriend in a rented furnished apartment and there is not too much place for our own furniture (if we want to add something). The white thing on which the purple box is placed, was already in the apartment, but I bough the small MICKE Desk from IKEA. I opted for this one and not for a bigger one because the space left in the room wasn't too big and it was still having a big enough drawer to fit my make up.

Near my desk/vanity I have a purple box which is storing my nail polishes. On top of it there are some of my most used palette, my to perfumes and my Sigma Brush Holders. In the back of my palette there is a jewelry box that can't be seen so well. In from of the purple box there is a McDonald's plastic box which serves as my trash bin.

 On the desk/vanity, I have my brushes in my Nanshy brush holder that Nanshy kindly sent me (but more about Nanshy in a future post), a make up blending sponge, my monthly make up box, my make up mirror, a sanitizing spray and some other bits. On the yellow Kinder "egg" I am keeping cotton pads and cotton buds in case I need them while applying my makeup. Occasionally, on my desk you can see my tripod, which I just noticed it appears in the pictures. Here are some more in depth pictures of what is on my desk/vanity...

In the drawer, I keep make up that waits it's turn on the top of the table or the one that I don't reach for too often. I also keep there my nail files, scissors and so on as well as unopened items or the ones that are on their way to the trash, but I still keep then in case I need the contained in which they come. The dividers inside the drawer are also from IKEA, but for some reason I can't find them on the website. In the very back of the drawer(not visible in the picture), I keep some empty make up bags.

So this is how I store my make up.... What do you think about my way? How do you store your make up?



  1. Is that a daylight lamp you have? Im thinking of getting one and wondered if it helped with photos or filming youtube videos x

    1. It's a regular lamp with a cold light bulb. It helps with pictures, but if there would be 2, would be even better x

  2. I am one of the people who loves this type of post, so i really enjoyed seeing it. I really love your McDonalds box that use for your trash lol so cute. I also live in a small apartment with little storage so i did a post like this to show my storage, i will leave the link under this comment and you can check it out if you would like. Hope you can follow me back now x
    Angela x

    here is the link to my make up storage post if you would like to read it dear x

  3. I love how tidy and how everything has a place! My makeup is put into makeup bags and put into a cupboard :)


    1. I used to have all my make up in make up bags as well, but last Autumn I decided I need a change:)

  4. hey great post!
    This is how i store my makeup:)


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