Miss Ramble #11

Hello lovely ladies:)

I haven't written a ramble post in one month, but this is mostly because I didn't have about what to ramble...My days were pretty boring: school, working on projects, home, cooking...nothing interesting...Anyways, today my spring holiday started, and as always in short holidays, me and my boyfriend are going to Estonia for a week to visit his family. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait that moment. In Finland, we are living in a small boring town and this is bringing my mood down a lot. In Romania, I grew up in a small, but quite active town so I miss the crowds. I can't wait to arrive in Tallinn and actually see people on streets after 8 p.m. ...I need time in a place which actually feels alive!

Anyways, I scheduled some posts for you and I hope you will find them interesting. I don't know if I'll be able to reply to your comments this week, but sure I'll do so when I'm back!

What you'll do next week?


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