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Today I am back with another post for you : a review! OMG I missed so much doing reviews, for some reasons they are my favorite posts to write :D As you could guess from the title, today's review is about Skinetica! Maybe some of you heard of it, maybe some didn't so I will give you a short introduction...

Skinetica is an acne treatment (liquid) which soothes, calms and clears. It is supposed to be fast acting, kind to skin, without harsh chemicals, non greasy and without side effects. You are supposed to soak in a cotton pad and then apply it on a clean skin (yes! you can use it on your face, chest, back as far as it doesn't have any moisturizer or makeup) to the areas where you get acne/pimples morning and evening. You can continue your routine once Skinetica dried. Once dried, it will remain active for 12 hours.

This being said, lets see how it worked for me....

Oh well, let me start by saying that in December I went to dermatologist who recommended me Brevoxyl (benzoyl peroxide) for treating my acne. She said that my acne is mild to moderate so there is no need for antibiotics. She also suggested to use it only in the evenings because that should be enough to treat it. On 20th of December I added it to my skin care routine and guess what ? One month later my spots were still there....I mean the ones that I had at the beginning where gone, but new ones were appearing on the area where benzoyl peroxide was supposed to kill the bacteria which causes them . Than 21st of January I received this bottle of Skinetica which Richard from Skinetica was kind enough to send to me. I started to use it immediately  and results started to appear:
  • the redness around around my pimples is diminished ;
  • my pimples are disappearing faster;
  • I do get new pimples, but less that before and not so red and big;
  • it didn't dried out my skin (like most acne treatments do);
  • it even helped with the blackheads on/around my nose. 
OK, no harsh chemicals, no side effects, but which are the ingredients ?
"The active ingredient in Skinetica is a highly sophisticated quaternary Ammonium Chloride compound combined with a Sylyl base to enable it to be persistent on the skin. Please remember, you will not see or feel anything, as this is working at the molecular level. The other ingredients are highly purified deionised water, fragrance and ethyl alcohol."
 Did you see the alcohol on the list ? I saw it also and I was worried that my skin will react to it (my skin usually reacts to alcohol ), but it never happen and this makes me a very happy person. Actually, my skin gets better and better everyday. I need to mention that I kept using everything what I was using before receiving Skinetica, but I didn't add anything else except it and that's why I assign the improvements to this little treasure.

I feel that I need to mention the smell as it may matter for some people: it smells like a pharmacy (That's weird association, but I just don't find any other similar smell to compare with.) when you put it on the cotton pad, but the smell disappears once it dries. Personally, it doesn't disturb me, but it may put some people off...

Bottom line: I love Skinetica and it is a nice addition to my skincare routine. Once this bottle finishes, I will definitely purchase one more and one more and one more....

You can purchase Skinetica from here

In the end I will put 2 pictures with the brochure that came with may bottle (and gives more details and scientific facts) so if you fancy a read click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Did you try Skinetica/ are you planning to try it?


Disclaimer: This post contains a PR sample, but all opinions are my own. See my full disclaimer here


  1. I got ordered a free sample of this but I don't really get on with it. Properly because I am lucky enough to not have acne x


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