theBalm Balm Jovi Review & Swatches

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Yaaay another review ! Well I actually wanted to post this in December (oops! long time ago), but things got busy, so here it comes today: theBalm Balm Jovi make up palette - review & swatches! I don't think it's a secret that I love my theBalm Nude'tude palette, which I reviewed here (swatches included) and I also included in my 2012 Favorites, so another palette from theBalm was too tempting to resist. I purchased theBalm Balm Jovi palette in the middle of November and did the swatches shortly after, but since then I used it a lot more and even traveled with me to Romania. Anyway, here it is the sleek, light weight cardboard packaging ...

Like on the Nude'tude palette, on the back you can find the name of the shades (inspired by rock music) and the ingredient list.

The palette comes with  12 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter and 2 lip and cheek tints.  Oh and did I mention they are all paraben free?

When you open the palette the 12 gorgeous eyeshadow shades, the blush and the highlighter and reveled as well as a heart shaped mirror (mirror not in the pictures). I must admit that one of the reasons why I wanted this palette was the mirror- give me anything heart shaped or purple (if both even better) and I'll be forever happy.

I do think theBalm acted smart with the packaging - covering the cream lip and cheek tints was a great idea considering that powder products usually tend to fall. Here it's a big plus from me!

When you open the lip an cheek stains section you will also revel a small table with " Top 4 Smoking Hot Looks" . Personally I didn't try any of those, but it's a nice idea.

The eyeshadows eye grouped into three categories: Heavy Metal (metallic finish), Classical (matte finish) and Alternative (glittery). Personally, I find the texture creamy and I didn't experience any major fall-out.  Oh, and they blend nicely too. I personally reached for this palette for day looks and also for nights out. Sometimes I feel like having a complete matte eye look, and having four shade which work great together in one palette is a big plus!

 The highlighter which comes with this palette became fast my favorite and seeing swatches on the internet is identical with the Mary-Loumanizer. A matte blush is also a great addition and I can see it looking good on different complexions. I didn't try the lip and cheek tints on my cheeks, but on lips I can say that lip balm is a must as they can feel a little drying.

The saying power of the eyeshadows is great! Even without a primer they lasted all day (from 8 am till 8 pm ) on my eyelids. The blush doesn't leave a powdery finish, blends nicely and lasts all day, as well as the highlighter. The lip and cheek tints lasted on my lips around 2- 3 hour and during this time I had a meal and had a couple of drinks.

Here are a couple of pictures with me, wearing the Vanily lip and cheek tints on my lips. (excuse the funny face and the clarity - they weren't supposed to be a pictures for blog, but I just had the idea to include them also)

 Bottom line: I love this palette and I think it is a great addition to my makeup collection. Having eyeshadows, blush, highlighter and lip and cheek tints in a palette makes it perfect for travel. In fact, I traveled with it and non of the items got damaged.

I believe it was limited edition, but you can still purchase from theBalm website for 39.50$+ shipping, for 44€  or kosmetika4less for 39€ +shipping.

Do you have this palette ? What do you think about it? What items from theBalm have you tried/you want to try ?



  1. I'd really love to try some The Balm products! Love these little palettes they do, they colours seem so pigmented!

    1. they are :) I own 2 and neither of them disappointed xo


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