FOTD We Need Dish Soap

Hello lovely people :)

Hope you are doing great and you are having an awesome weekend. I am sorry for being quiet during the last days, but I've been focusing more on finding a job, as I really want one. Also, concerning my Zinio giveaway...unfortunately there were 9 prizes and only 6 participants so I e-mailed Zinio to ask what we'll do about it. I am really sorry that you didn't like the giveaway...

Anyways, today I'm coming with a FOTD post...As I mentioned before, I am trying to have a walk everyday, for at least 30 min, but most of the times it's 1 hour. I a good girl, huh? Anyways, today when I woke up the weather was great: sunny and relatively warm, so after breakfast I jumped into shower and started to get ready to go out and buy dish soap {it finished last night}. I decided to do a step by step eye make up (which will go up tomorrow) and while I was getting ready it started to snow....Now, that's a turn!!! My mood went down suddenly....I want spring!!!! So, I just kept it simple with my face...

I decided to try my L'Oreal Infallible foundation again, though I was scarred I'll look straight pink (that was my first experience with this foundation). I had a big surprise: this is the BEST color match from all the foundation that I own! Now I just need to wear it a couple more days to see if it breaks me out or not. Because it was a day for second chances, I decided to give one more to my Artdeco Camouflage cream concealer as well....but I still don't like it! I used my Garnier Roll- on Anti-dark Circles under my eye and I contoured with Artdeco Double Finish Foundation. Of course my theBalm Sexy Mama Powder couldn't miss....For blush and highlighter I used my Too Faced Black Book of Beauty.  I won't go into details with the eye products because you'll see it all tomorrow and anyways they are pictured above.  And now, for the final result....

The picture above it's actually actually taken when we arrived back home because I wasn't sure I have a decent picture of my face from outside. 

Ah, and for lips, I actually have just a tinted Nivea Lip Balm that I found in my purse, because I forgot to put a lip product when I left home.

This is all from me for today :) What you've been doing these days?


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