H&M Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello lovely people :)

After so many looks, I though it is time to return to the basics and come to you with a review. As you could guess from the title, today's post will be about H&M Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. This palette was on my February wishlist because....I guess I wanted to try H&M make up. In pan the colors look very appealing and they are not exactly the kind of nudes you would expect. I don't know you, but when I am thinking at nudes I am thinking at brown shades....maybe it's just me...Anyways, probably you are wondering what is the color payoff and how much do they last on eyelid... so, keep reading.

I will start with the "technical" part: this palette comes with 5 eyeshadows for 4.95€. The packaging is relatively small, sleek and light weight so it would be perfect for traveling. About the shadows now... here it's where the disappointing part starts...They are powdery and they lack pigment, but surprisingly they blend easily. I didn't dare to try this without a primer, because with e.l.f. eyelid primer and MAC Paint Pot in Painterly they creased after approximately 6-7 hours. They don't necessary fade through the day, but the creasing ruins everything. I don't say they will crease on everyone, but on my hooded eyelids they did. Below there is a picture with swatches, but keep in mind that I went twice over so I will get that color pay off.

Overall: I wouldn't buy this palette again, but I don't regret I have it. I can still work with her (for example, the white can be a nice subtle highlight on they inner corner or on the brow bone). If you already have nice, pigmented eyeshadows, I wouldn't buy this palette, but if you are just starting up with make up, you can give it a try. Like I said, I would.t buy this again, but I would try other H&M eyeshadows/blushes. Talking about H&M make up, you should check out my review for the H&M Mega Volume mascara.

Did you try any H&M make up? If not, are you at least curious?



  1. Oh wow looking at the palette I probably woould have bought it too, but as I see that the colors aren´t opaque at all I must thank you for this review :-)

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

  2. Gorgeous palette, I love the colours. I must get this next time I go to H and M


    1. If you don't have too many eyeshadows, that give it a go :)

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