Miss Ramble #12 Career

Hello lovely people :)

Today I thought I'll do a ramble post as I didn't do one of this in a while. As you may know I finished my 3rd year at uni a week ago, but I am still in Finland trying to find a job. Why I want to work in Finland? I was to be close to my boyfriend...we've been together over 2 years and we have a little disadvantage: we have different home countries so during the summer, we've been apart in the last 2 years (which is sad). Anyways, back into career...This summer I am also supposed to do my work placement and to be honest that is so hard to find...

Every year I apply for summer trainee positions at Nokia, because that was my dream when I came to Finland: I wanted to work at Nokia! Till now I didn't succeeded but I hope things will change this year....What you don't know about me is that except make up, I love technology - new phones, tablets, PCs etc. ... I know everything about them - when I am not looking for make up I most certainly research some new gadget... You would think that I am a little crazy with whole Nokia idea because nowadays Apple and Samsung are huge on the market, but to be honest I still think Nokia can came back up, they
just need to change their strategy (if they didn't yet)... I had a really good feeling when I was applying for that position (summer trainee, display and touch technology), like it was meant to be mine, but now I am a little bit worried as I didn't hear anything from them yet :( I really hope I will hear from them soon as this would really be a DREAM JOB for me!

I applied for another cool job: a company is recruiting students to work in different projects for companies in Finland according to their studies. In the end of the summer, the best "solved" project is chosen. What is cool about this is that group member have different specializations and they need to work together in order to finish the project. I think this is great practice for working life.

Also career related is that I really want to take some make up artistry courses. I don't know how this is related with engineering (I am studying Automation Engineering for those who don't know), but I really want to do this. I want to be able to choose what I work, and if I choose engineering, make up can be always a hobby which can bring some extra cash in. I searched make up schools in Finland, but they are all soooo expensive, I definitely can't afford any of them at this point so most probably I will take some courses in Romania, if I will be there long enough. I think I was to be the first make up artist engineer hahaha :))

I think 2013 would be a perfect year if I manage to get a good job/internship in my studying field as well as doing some make up courses.

What is your perfect 2013 career wise? What do you want to be?


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