Nanshy Brushes, Make up Blending Sponges and Brush Holders Review

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If you read the lasts post, you would know that I was sent by Nanshy some lovely brushes, make up blending sponges and brush holders. Many of you, may not be familiar with Nanshy as I wasn't before reading a review on Aqueela's Blog (which by the way, you should check it out- it's one of my favorite reads) and searching more on Google about the company. Basically they are an UK based company who sell makeup brushes {*cough* Sigma alike makeup brushes at cheaper price*cough*}. At the moment they have only 4 brushes that you can buy in set or individually, a make up blending sponge available in 2 colors and a brush holder. You can buy Nanshy products from BeautyStore4u and Amazon. My items were sent from BeautyStore4u and let me say I was amazed by the fast shipping and how well everything was packed. Big plus for BeautyStore4u from me! Anyways, now that I gave you the general information, I'll show you what I received as well as my opinion about these items.

I will start with the two make up blending sponges. To be honest, I've been using only the purple one because I don't see the sense using both in the same time.

I actually really like this sponge, it is a little bit harder than my Cosmopolitan one, but definitely softer than the H&M one. I love how it blends my foundation and how it doesn't soak up so much product. It also it is relatively easy to clean and it didn't bleed any color (I washed it around 10 times till now). I'll definitely recommend this sponge! You can buy it from BeautyStore4u or Amazon for £5.95.

The Foundation Make up Brush set comes with 4 brushes: Flat Top Buffer Brush, Round Buffer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Flat Angled Buffer Brush.

As you may notice there are no names written on the brushes, except the name of the company. (I took the names from BeautyStore4u website.) This may be considered a disadvantage by many, but not by me because I actually quite love this brushes!! I'll be honest, like usually, and say that the Flat Top Buffer Brush lost 2-3 bristles when I washed it first time, but I didn't have any shedding problem with this brushes since then. I am talking first about shedding because if a brush shads, that's a "no-no" for me and I'll straightly don't like it.These brushes they are dense wash beautifully. The bristles remember me of the Sigmax fibers, but they wash easier.

Flat Top Buffer Brush - I use this brush to buff in my foundation (dooh!) and I like the finish that it gives, but it's not my favorite brush from whole set. It looks very similar with the Sigma version, but I don't own that one so I can't compare.

Round Buffer Brush - This is a brush that I love...This and my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush are my favorites for foundation! I love how this buffs in my foundation and the airbrushed look that this helps me to achieve. 

Pointed Foundation Brush - OK, this look big for a concealer brush, but do you know how nicely and fast this brush blends the concealer? This is definitely my favorite concealer brush and I use it for blending the concealer under my eyes and around my nose.

Flat Angled Buffer Brush - I used this for foundation and it was OK. I could reach all the "corners" on my face and so on...but my favorite way of using this brush is for contouring. I recently started to use a cream foundation (in a few shades darker than my skin tone) for contouring and this brush helps me so much. Totally love it!!

Overall, I do think that this brushes are worth buying, especially if you would like to try Sigma brushes, but they don't fit your budget. You can buy them in a set for £29.95 or for £9.95 each from BeautyStore4u or Amazon.

Now a little bit about the brush holders....

As you can see, i use them to store my make up brushes while at home. I like them because they are big enough to hold all my makeup brushes and they takes less space than my previous brush storage ( 2 Sigma brush holders from travel kit and a small vase). I wouldn't use this for traveling (especially by plane, because I saw how airlines treat luggage) because they are a little bit soft, but for home use they are great . Also I admit that they aren't the most stylish thing ever, but they do the job well, so who cares? You can buy them for £14.95 from BeautyStore4u or Amazon

Overall: I am quite impressed with this items and I am happy that there are appearing European based companies who are selling products as good as the ones from USA. If I need to choose favorites, I would definitely choose the make up blending sponge, the Round Buffer Brush and the Flat Angled Buffer Brush. 

Oh this was a long post, but if you made it so far you might as well leave a comment and tell me what do you think about this items. Would you try them ? Which are the most appealing ?


Disclaimer: This post contains products sent for review consideration. Read my full disclaimer here.


  1. I love the sponges, I also have two and I use them everyday! The brushes look amazing I really want to try them. Nice review xo

    1. The brushes don't only look amazing :) I believe they are totally worth the money xo

  2. Glad u like them I love mine and urge Nanshy to make some eye brushes x

    1. Yeah... some eye brushes would be great! xo

  3. I love the look of the sponge and the bag is very handy and cute :D Great review xx


  4. Looks amazing, I've heard so much about the sponges, can't wait to get one





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