bloglovin' Friday Blog Hop #2

Hello lovely people :)

As you probably heard already, GFC might go away on 1st of July, once Google reader is gone. I know a lot of people are scared of this moment, but lets face it: there are good alternatives to GFC, bloglovin' being one of them. It's easy to log in with your Facebook and the latest posts from the blogs you follow as displayed in a similar way YouTube displays the videos on the subscriptions page. That being said, I teamed up with 2 lovely ladies (Dyna from Makeup by Dyna and Nina from Nina's Bargain Beauty) and created this blog hop so we can all share our bloglovin' profiles :)

Without further due, HAPPY HOPING and don't forget to follow the rules:

1. Follow the hosts on bloglovin.
2. Share the blog hop button on your sidebar.
3. Hop around and visit at least 3 blogs. If you decide to follow a blog, please follow with bloglovin considering that GFC might go away. Leave a comment and let them know how you found thei blog.
4. Leave your link. You can link your bloglovin profile or a post on your blog that you enjoy, but in this case make sure you have your bloglovin visible on your blog so others can follow you.
5. Optional: Help this blog hop grow and share it on Twitter or Facebook.

bloglovin' Friday Blog Hop


  1. Yay I love blog hopping! Hi from Glitter Mountain!

  2. That sucks, I liked GFC oh well I found blogs thanks to your blog hopping.
    Best regards,

  3. Love blog hopping and GFC. So many shopaholic geeks at one slot.



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