March Haul {or not?!}+ What I Think!

Hello hello,

Happy Wednesday :) For some reason time seems to fly lately and I just don't seem to catch it...That might sound weird, but lately, though I don't have any school work to do, it seems that I never have enough time for everything I want to do...I guess it's just life...Anyways, today normally would be the day to post my March haul, but guess what? I've been an incredibly good girl during the month of March and I I bought only two items: one was necessary and one...well, it was a good bargain. Maybe you noticed, maybe not, I didn't post any March wishlist at the beginning of the month and that was mainly because when I have a wishlist I just feel I need to get everything on it....and that's not exactly good for our bank account (our= boyfriend&I; and yeah, we share a bank account). I felt like I spent a lot of money in January and February and I just don't have enough time to use everything what I have...I mean, yeah I'm rotating the make up in my make up box, but really, it's impossible to go though all and I don't even have that much make up compared with other people out there. Also, without having a job it just doesn't feel right to spend so much...

Besides trying not to spend money, I also tried not to use heat on my hair and I succeeded!!! No hair drier...nothing ....I feel proud of my self and I can really see a difference in my hair...Maybe it's just me, but it also grew a little bit faster than usual. No heat meant no styling products as well, so the only thing I would use after washing and conditioning my hair would be a detangler and hair oil. I am thinking at keeping up with this for April also and maybe in few months I'll achieve my desired lenght.

I also stayed away from nail polish, I just used Sally Hansen nail hardener, which I featured yesterday in my March Favorites, and my nails are getting better and better everyday. Well...I'm not gonna keep up with that in April, because I miss painting my nails plus I have some nice nail art ideas to show you :)

After all this rambling, I'll finally show you the 2 items I bought this month...

  • I also bought a hand cream in February, but I wasn't satisfied with it anymore because my hands became more dry, so I went out and bought Vaseline healthy hands+ strong nails hand cream. If you read my March Favorites post you probably noticed that this was there. 
  • I don't really own so many blushes and I'm also a little bit scarred of blush because some colors can bring out the color in my acne scarring and that's just not nice...Anyways, now that my skin feels better I decided to experiment a little bit with blushes and what's better than a 2€ blush for this? For 2€ I wasn't expecting much, but Le Femme Blush in shade 02 proved me wrong! Yes, it is on the powdery side, but it's not chalky and incredible pigmented - you can totally work with it. I am actually thinking going back and buy more shades!
I don't know if I'm gonna have a wishlist for April, obviously I want a lot of thing but.... I don't know...Maybe I just make "next months wishlit"or something like that, so my weird mind won't feel like I need to buy everything fast.... I'll think about this and you will probably see a post about ...

Anyways, this is all from me, but you can tell me what you bought in March and if you found any good bargains :)


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