Monthy Favorites: March!

Hello lovelies :)

How did April start for you? Did you get fooled yesterday? Thanks good this year I didn't! Anyways, back to the subject: March Favorites :) This month, actually I have all new favorites, including a product that didn't work for me in the past. but I found a way to use it now. Without further due, here are my March favorites...(P.S. A weird random favorite in included)

Like usually, I forgot to include something in the first picture and I needed to put it separately....Oh, well...This is me!
For the month of March I loved honey- it really helped my skin so much. If you didn't see my post on honey, have a read here.  Also, another change in my skincare routine was introducing an eye cream. I'll be honest with you, I bought the cheapest I could find because the skin under my eye was suddenly feeling fry and I though I will just use it few days till things go back to normal. I was wrong! L'OrĂ©al Triple Active moisturizing eye cream changed me - now I am a fan of eye creams. This particular one, besides moisturizing, helps with my fine lines (which I have because I used to tug my eye when I was applying eye make up when I was younger) and brightens up the under eye area.
During March I also suffered with extremely dry hands...I don't know why, buy they were feeling drier than ever. Actually this was till I discovered this little gem: Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails hand cream. I didn't buy it for the nail part, but I admit I think it helped with my nails also. Talking about nails, I love Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Hardener! During March, my nails felt stronger than ever because of this 2 products. 
Now, the fun part: MAKE UP. I loved using Artdeco Double Finish Foundation for contouring. I bought this is a couple of shades darker than my skin tone(unfortunately I don't remember the color and I can't find the box in which it came) and it's perfect - it looks so much more natural than powder. During March, I also rediscovered essence 3 in 1 forget it concealer (reviewed here). It still brakes me out if I use it anywhere else except my under eye area, but it doesn't matter, because I only use the pink shade under my eyes and it works so well at brightening up the area! I've been enjoying using this in March and I think it will stay in my make up box more than 1 month. Last, but now least, I love Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold! I find it such a nice shade for everyday use - the color is very similar with essence stay all day cream eyeshadow, but the texture is so much better! 
This month I also have quite a weird random favorite: Robert Downey Jr.  
Now this makes me wondering if I am the only one who finds him attractive because of his sarcasm... Anyways, I first came across him when watching Ally McBeal and I loved his character(Larry), then last summer a friend convinced me to go to watch The Avengers in cinema, which is a movie that I wouldn't normally watch/like, but OMG I loved the movie and I think it's mostly because of him. Now, back to March 2013: I watched Iron Men 1 & 2 in one evening and now I can't wait Iron Man 3 to appear....Yeah...these are not my type of movies, but I just love the way Robert Downey Jr is acting....

This was all for my March Favorites! Which were your March Favorites? Btw, which is your favorite actor and do you have a celebrity crush?



  1. Really need to try the colour tattoos, heard so much about them! Love the favourites though



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