Blogust #1 - Do you remember me?

Hello people ...

Do you still remember me? You guessed, it's me, Cristina....the girl who abandoned her blog for more than 3 months....why ? I can't say I was busy, I can't even say that someone close to me had problems.....I just wasn't in the mood?! Well...yeah...I wasn't in the mood,I've been extremely lazy and I guess and I've had some technical problems as well...but the main reason it that I wasn't in the mood - I just didn't feel like blogging, but i felt like spending time on redoing my blog template :) By the way, what do you think about the new look? There might be some flows, because I did it by my self, but I am pretty satisfied.

Anyways, let me fill you....

1. I took makeup classes - don't get me wrong, I don't think that after 2 weeks of classes I am a makeup artist, but I definitely think that I am on my way and I am happy with my progress. You can see some pictures with that here, here, here and here. Also, here and here are 2 pictures from the exam day. There should be an fantasy makeup picture as well, but it never made it to Facebook. 

2. I turned 22 - it's not a milestone so I didn't go crazy with celebrating it, but my mom made me a birthday cake :)

3. I had my first makeup "clients" - because I don't have their consent I can't show you any pictures, but I am pretty happy that I got the change to practice my skills. On 20th of August I will leave Romania, but I hope I will be able to practice more in Finland as well....

4. My skin started to break out really bad, not as bad as last December, but pretty close to that... Anyways, next week I'm off to see a dermatologist and I hope we'll be able to find and fix the problem.

5. If you haven't guess yet, I've been in Romania all summer and I was more than bored....Most of my high school friends finished university by now (I still have 1 year left), got jobs and didn't come back to our home town too often, so there hasn't been to much "going out" happening...

6. If you didn't guess yet, I am starting BLOGUST...which basically  means that I will try to blog at least every other day, but my goal is to manage to do it everyday :) My mood is more up now and I really miss blogging, but I really think it was a good decision to take this break, rather that come with rubbish blog posts all summer.

Now that you know what I've been up to during the last few months, let me know what you've been doing :)


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