Blogust #4: Firmoo Review!*

Yeah, I know...I skipped a day, but I said since the beginning of this that one post will be up at least every other day, so I am not so bad...

Anyways, today's post in long due and when I say long I mean it! I was supposed to have this post up long time ago, but as I said in my first Blogust post....I rather have waited and come back with quality posts than write rubbish, just to have something up. I think you already guessed, today I have a Firmoo review (by the way Firmooo, I apologize to have this up soooo late!). I know the blogosphere was full of Firmoo reviews at some point, so maybe it's a good think I've waited with mine? We'll see...

Let's cut to the chase: a long while ago, Firmoo offered to send me to pairs of glasses (a vision one and a pair of sun glasses). I would normally need to wear prescription glasses, but I just can't wear them, I mean I just don't like the idea to wear glasses every second of the day (I know there are contact lenses, but my parents don't trust me around those for some reason,) so I opted out just for computer glasses (without any vision correction) with this frame.

Do I like them?

Yes! As a blogger(and not only), I spend quite some time in from of computer and this can be tiring for my already hurt eyes, so computer glasses were a wise choice. I really like the frame because it feels sturdy and I like that clear details. I am not usually too careful with my glasses and they often fell, but they are not damaged at all. I really appreciate they came in a case and with cleaning cloth.

Like I already said, I was able to choose a pair of sun glasses as well and I chose this pair. I was totally into in when I so the bows on the sides. I know I usually have a weakness for hearts, but just can't say no to bows....

Oh and they are purple....This pair came as well with a case and cleaning cloth, which is actually very handy for carrying the glasses in my handbag. I this I am more exited about this pair than the vision ones and I were them a lot more...I mean almost everyday this summer, except the times I was actually forgetting to put them back in my handbag. They feel and look more expensive then they actually cost, which is a plus in my opinion. They are not heave and they are comfortable to wear.

Like I said in the beginning, there are a lot of Firmoo reviews and probably you already know what Firmoo is, but if not here are few words:
" is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eye wear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices."
Also, they have a free pair of glasses offer: if you are a first time customer, you get your first pair of glasses for free, all you need to do is pay for shipping! You can read more about this

You might be afraid of ordering glasses from internet, but the website is actually pretty awesome: you can upload your photo to see how the glasses fit you. Also the shipping is fast -they arrived in 5 days in Finland or something like this (which is awesome)- and I no custom taxes to be paid (but I think this is different from country to country).

All in one, I am satisfied with my Firmoo glasses and I would recommend them. Before they arrived I was a little bit worried, but once I started to wear them, it was more than OK.

Did you try Firmoo glasses? What do you think about ordering glasses/prescription vision glasses from internet?


*Firmoo Kindly sent me this for review purposes, but this doesn't influence my opinion anyhow.

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