Life Update! (Again!)

Hey guys :)

I know that after announcing that I will post at least every other day in August, I just gave up and that's bad! I broke a promise! Reason? I really didn't expect to have to have so many things to do before I left Romania, I was expecting packing and that's all....but no, I needed to buy stuff, to see people and though I thought I will leave home smiling, I actually felt quite sad. Anyways, after settling in back in Finland, we went to London!!!  That was really the best trip till now!

You would except to go crazy shopping, but it didn't happen: I bought so clothes and few beauty things, but nothing to much. The weirdest thing I bough is a set of MUJI drawers! I really wanted it for a long time, but there is no MUJI in Finland and delivery costs around 25 euros or pounds, which double the price I paid for the drawers!

Also I had the best experience at Madame Tussauds! Not all statues/figures (I don't know how to call them)  seemed real to me, but there were some which for few moments I almost thought they are the real people. ~fan moment starts ~ Of course I need to take a picture with Robert Downey Jr., but I felt quite sad he was dresses/ represented as Sherlock Holmes, he looks so much better as Tony Stark ~fan moment ends here~.

Getting back to shopping....I was so overwhelmed on Oxford St. - so many shops and so many people!! Also, I started to understand why people like Primark: you can find everything there! And now the second weirdest thing I bought: a blanket   - it has a heart print, how could I let it go? Plus is was useful to protect my MUJI drawers on the way back home.

Another thing I'm proud about is that I gathered the courage to get in the London Eye! I was so proud  I didn't panic or be scarred while I was in there that, when I went out, I called all my relatives to tell them (lol) and of course that made my boyfriend laugh! I don't know why I was so nervous about this London Eye thing, because I don't even have a problem with heights or something...

Another place that I really enjoyed in London was M&Ms world! Guess what? I bought purple M&Ms! Of course, by now they are all gone, so no picture of those!

Anyways, after getting back from London, I started my last year of uni and though I don't have so many contact lessons in my schedule, I still have a lot to do! I realized that feel more like blogging during the school here, so this time, expect me back for real!! Also, I really want to start uploading on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye on there!

I hope enjoyed my "little" update and see you soon!


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