essence all about matt! fixing loose powder review

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After thinking for a while what post should I write today I came to the conclusion that another review is due! essence all about matt! fixing loose powder actually really impressed me! I bought it in July mainly to have a translucent powder which would suit most skin tones of my clients and in the same time keep the skin matte for longer periods of time.

As you can see in the picture above, essence all about matt! is a white powder, which comes translucent on the skin. It is finely milled and if you apply the right amount is invisible on the skin. During the hot Romanian summer, it kept me matte for more than 8 hours. Till know, it sound like the ideal powder, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this powder has few downsides as well, one of the being the packaging. There is always a huge amount of powder in the "tray" and this makes it very difficult to pick on your brush the right amount. Also, you need to be careful, when closing the cap, because you can have a beautiful mess your makeup bag otherwise. Another downside would be that you really need to pay attention to the quantity of powder you apply or you'll end up with a flour powdery face. You can fix this by using a setting spray, but the finish it's so much better if you apply the right amount of powder and that finish the look with a finishing spray. Ingredient wise, it's relatively fine, if you don't mind parabens. Before, I was always trying to avoid parabens, but now I make some exceptions...this being on of them.

All in  one, I really enjoy using this powder during hot days or maybe a night out, but during colder months I prefer something less mattifying, as this can emphasize some dry patches (that I use to get when weather gets colder).

Did you try essence all about matt! powder? Which face powders do you recommend? 


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