September Favorites!

September is gone and this means that in 3 months 2013 is over. I really can't believe how fast this year went away....

Anyways, one month ending means it's time for favorites :) This month I have a lot of new favorites and I am actually happy because of this- it means I didn't waste my money and I actually like what I bought recently!

Because there are quite a few items and it found it impossible to fit them all in a picture in such way that you can actually see them well, I decided to divide them on categories. First up is Body, nails & lips.

  • Vaseline Spray&Go body moisturizer with cocoa butter - Just let me put it this way: THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING! Now that this is clear, I really enjoyed using this because of its moisturizing proprieties and not only because of winter. I bough this when I was in UK and unfortunately I didn't see it in shops here. I am trying to alternate it with other body lotions so it won't finish as fast. Another 2 reasons why I like this are the convening way to apply - putting a moisturizing lotion into a spray bottle is a genius idea- and  the fast that it absorbs fast into the skin so I don't have to wait forever till I can dress.
  • Soap&Glory Hand Food hand cream - Except that this also smells amazing, it leaves my hands so soft! With the cold weather that came, my hands felt so dry, but this saved the day :)
  • Farmec Quick Dry Spray (fast drying spray for nail polish) - I kind of messed it up to include this product, but I was they do deliver internationally. Farmec is a Romanian cosmetic brand and during the summer I found a couple of products from them that I really enjoy, this being one of them! I am not a patient person when I'm doing my nails and this really speeds up the drying process. 
  • Nivea Lip Butter -This is a hyped product and of course I had to try it. At the moment I bought it, I found only the original one, but now I saw the raspberry one and the vanilla&macadamia one. Anyways, I apply this in the evening before sleep and in the morning I woke up with nice soft lips. Can I ask for more?
  • Lush Whip Stick Lip Balm - This was my first Lush purchase and I love it. It's my day lip balm and I apply it every time I feel the need. Oh, and it has cocoa butter - it's just great!

When it came to Makeup, in September I totally enjoyed:

  • Fashionista Compact Powder in Fair - I usually stay away from tinted powders as they tend to oxidize on  me, but not this one! I have been using it for the last two weeks every time when I did my makeup and not only set my makeup and kept me matte, but also added some coverage. It was 2£ and it's worth every penny. 
  • Bourjois Flower Perfection foundation - It took me almost a year to notice what amazing coverage this foundation gives! I was normally using my Healthy Mix foundation, but one day I decided to switch to this foundation as I didn't use it since spring (or winter - I can't remember) and I was amazed how it covered this covered my imperfections... You know I am not ashamed to let my pimples show through, but sometimes it's nice to forget about it....
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake/Powder - This is an old product and it was featured in some other favorites post. For a while I was using the Catrice eyebrow set, but one day I decided to switch it up and only then I realized what a great staying power this has. 
  • Fashionista Palette - I like the idea of being able to customize your own palette and that you are able to put eyeshadow, bronzers and blushes in the palette and I guess this made me buy it. Now I care more that the quality is amazing! In the palette pictured I have 4 blushes and 2 bronzers and they all work great. They have amazing pigmentation and staying power! I am really impressed!

The next category is Tools and don't get me wrong, I enjoy all my little helpers but this 2 made my life easier during September: 

  • MUA E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush - This is perfect to get the perfect outer V and also to apply eyeshadow into the crease. I was surprised with the quality of the brush for only less that 2£. This became a staple when doing my eye makeup. 
  • Real Techniques Brow Brush - A lot of people complain that this brush is too big for eyebrows, but I found it perfect for a soft eyebrow look during the day! 

That last category is Random and it has only one item:  Wattpad. It's a website/app where you can read/ write stories/books. I know the app it's available for Android, but I don't know about iOS. I love my reading and I enjoyed discovering interesting books on there. 

This are all my favorites for the month of September and I hope you enjoyed this rather long post. 

Which were your favorites in September? Leave the in the comments :) 


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