NOTD: Romanian Flag Gradient Nails !

Happy December everyone :)

If you have read my blog before, you would know that I am Romanian.  1st of December has a double meaning for me: on one hand it starts the greatest and happiest month of the year and on the other is the national day of Romania. While I was living there, I wasn't doing anything special on this day, but since I am away I like to spice up my makeup or my nails for the occasion. Last year I did an eye look inspired by the colors of the flag(which unfortunately never made it online) so this year I decided to do Romanian Flag Gradient Nails and here is what I used:

  •  L'Oreal 2 in 1 Protect base&top coat;
  • Flormar Light Summer nail polish (shade LS09) as a base;
  • essence nail polish (114 fame fatal);
  • beautyuk nail polish (No. 48 Yellow);
  • Flormar Matte Nail Polish (shade M13);
  • .....and of course a damp sponge.

Last year on this time I was obsessed with gradient nails so I was doing them quite often, but then the excitement wore off and till yesterday, I didn't to them in almost a 10 months!!! Anyways, the result it's not perfect but I wanted to share it with you :)

 What do you think? How are you spacing up your nails/makeup for the national day of your country ?


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