L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Review&Swatches

During the last half of 2013 I've been more absent than present in the blogging world, so now that I settled down from traveling, I am trying to be a better blogger in 2014...I know I'll be better if I manage to stick to the #2014BloggerChallenge, so expect me to post at least twice per month! I want to try to post every other day, but I don't promise anything, considering I didn't do so good at keeping blogging promises in 2013.

Enough, rambling! L'Oreal Infallible Foundation....

I've bought this in January 2013 and used it a lot in the following months (or at least till March, when I started to alternate it with Bourjois Healthy Mix/Flower Perfection). During the summer and early autumn I gave it a break in favor of other foundations, but since November I came back to it. That being said, I used this foundation enough to be sure about my feelings towards it.

Since the disaster with the Dior Skin Forever Flawless Foundation I am always careful to check the ingredients before I buy a foundation and I am happy to say that L'Oreal Infallible Foundation doesn't have any comedogenic ingredients and it didn't cause me any breakouts.

It claims to be long lasting staying power (16h), provide all day radiance and be non-transferable. I don't know about 16 hours, but it did last on me for about 10 hours, though it started fading after 7 hours. For me it has more of matte/satin finish (depending on what I am wearing underneath it) so I can't say it's that radiant. That being said, I disagree with non-transferable claim; while it's not so obvious, I can still see traces of foundation on my phone after using it.

Though the finish this foundation gives depends on what I wear underneath, it still looks natural while providing medium coverage and doesn't sink into pores. I don't find it has "buildable" coverage, because the moment you apply too much (which is very easy to do) hell opens: sinks into pores and fine lines, emphasizes fine hairs and dry areas.

L'Oreal Infallible foundation has a good color range for fair to medium skin tones, shade 15 Porcelain being perfect for me (NW15 in winter time). I can't say about darker skin tones, because in Finland I didn't see darker shades available, but in other countries they might. Another huge plus is that it doesn't oxidize!

Overall, it's a good foundation for people with normal to oily skin. I don't find it exceptional, but if I need a foundation and I don't have time to research into something, I would buy this one without doubt.

Did you try L'Oreal Infallible? What's your experience with it?


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