Real Techniques Shading Brush Review

When you don't have big model eyes, you may struggle finding a brush which is the right size for your eyelids. Before buying the Real Techniques Shading Brush, I didn't really think so much about it and even after I bought it, I wasn't really thinking that a smaller brush would make a difference, but...all changed this summer when I had a client with really small, hooded eyes...

Let me just put it this way: it made a BIG difference. I was able to apply the color on the eyelid and into the crease exactly where I wanted and how I wanted! I had clients with small eyes before and I was trying hard with my usual brushes not to apply the color where I didn't want it to be.

Too much rambling, but the point is that this brush is excellent for small eyes. In addition, it is supper soft and it doesn't shed. Because of its shape it can be used for packing color to the lid, apply a wash of color, apply color into the crease and even detailed blending! One brush, so many uses!

In case you didn't guess yet, I love this brush and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. I recommend it to people with small eyes, but also to people who want a more precise application.

Did you try the shading brush from Real Techniques? Which are your favorite brushes?


P.S. In case you missed it, here is my last video.


  1. I'll give it another try then as I think I haven't been using it the right way. I'm using it to apply concealer as I didn't like it for applying powder.

    1. I didn't try it for concealer, but I will give it a try...I have a feeling soon I will have 4-5 of this brush :)

  2. I only have the starter kit, but I love Real Techniques brushes.♥
    I have to buy this one too.


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